What is Marketo Revenue Lifecycle Modeller?

Marketo Revenue Modeller
James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


Marketo’s Revenue Lifecycle Modeller is your key to automating the movement of leads through your sales funnel in stages, from first interactions to conversion.

Why use a revenue model?

There are four main benefits to revenue models:

1.ㅤGain visibility of customer journeys

Revenue Models create more transparency and identify sticking points in the conversion process. Increased visibility allows us to better understand our target audience, create optimised content, increase engagement and of course the number of leads.

2.ㅤSwitch your focus back to revenue

The all-time favoured ‘revenue marketing’ is made possible with revenue cycle models in Marketo. By automating the movement of leads through your sales funnel you gain awareness of any issues in the buying cycle, increase conversion rates and velocity – and most importantly, get to focus on revenue.

3.ㅤBoosted alignment

Create improved alignment within the Sales and Marketing teams by using Revenue Models, not only does it improve visibility and accountability, it improves lead management.

4.ㅤImproved customer experience

Segmenting your database into progress stages allows for personalised, focused marketing and sales efforts which are tailored to prospective customers, their pain points and activities.

Common questions that Revenue Lifecycle Modeller can answer:

  • How many new leads have we generated?
  • What’s the conversion rate of each of our lists?
  • How engaged is our database overall with our current content?

Watch this 30-minute webinar “Out with the spreadsheets – and in with Marketo Engage revenue models” to discover how to achieve visibility without the need for all of that data input and tracking.

How else can we help?

We understand the nuances, milestones, and data required at each stage of the customer journey. And we’ve helped our customers set up and manage all kinds of revenue models, whether they need single-stream acquisition models to multi-campaign monsters.

Get in touch to get your model built to best-practice standards by certified experts.