Boost Sales With Marketo Engage

Marketo Sales Insight
James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


Marketo Engage and other marketing automation platforms often focus on boosting marketing performance; however, the work of Sales teams can be very much facilitated by these tools – once representatives are aware of the benefits.

The automation capabilities within Marketo Engage can help facilitate the Sales process and make it more effective. By collecting trustworthy data, identifying the best prospects, managing leads right through the funnel, and helping to align marketing and sales teams – an optimised sales process and better results can be reached.

Collect data that you can trust

One of the most common complaints from Sales teams is the quality of the leads passed over from Marketing. Lead data that is incomplete doesn’t qualify or lacks viable opportunity.

By maximising data hygiene and management best practices in Marketo and introducing always-on deduplication tools, users can rest assured that the collected data is more reliable.

Tip: Update lead records with feedback regularly; this will assist Marketo when searching for and analysing future contacts.

When it comes to collecting data, Marketo forms can optimise and simplify the process for you by building your database with important audience details, using hidden fields to capture more detail and progressive profiling to improve customer experience.

Identify the best prospects

Sales teams want sales-ready leads and quality opportunities that have promise. Effective lead scoring in Marketo can assist in identifying, prioritising and closing the best leads. Behavioural scoring can provide insight into the type and amount of content each lead consumes and Proposition scoring and Buying Intent Alerts capability in MSI identifies specific pain points and ideal products for each lead to personalise follow-ups and offerings – ensuring Sales can have the best conversation with prospects.

Lead scoring helps ensure that your sales team doesn’t waste time on unqualified leads and shortens overall sales cycles.

The interesting moment tool, part of the Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) platform within Marketo Engage, provides insight into a prospect’s behaviour. The application also offers a closer look at website traffic – who is genuinely interested and worth following up with? MSI capabilities will provide you with the information needed to turn website visitors and readers into leads that engage and convert.

Get strategic with follow-ups

Marketo Engage email marketing capabilities enable the automatic sending of personalised emails through trigger campaigns – these depend on the qualification and activity of the lead – a process that, if done manually, would take up a lot of a Sales rep’s time.

Consider implementing an automatic lead routing tool – not only does this save time – it reduces the response time; crucial to building a connection with the prospect.

Finally, get visibility on all Sales activities to drive productivity and build efficiencies and customer relations with the Marketo Sales Insight real-time dashboard.

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