Integrate and optimise social media with Marketo

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James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


Introduction + Key Benefits

Marketo is the Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) of choice for many experts, not only due to its extensive functionality, but it’s connect-ability to other applications. When it comes to Social Media (SoMe), connecting the dots between your Social Media Management (SMM) tool and the rest of your Marketing Technology (MarTech) stack will enhance the following areas:

  • Audience Segmentation + Targeting
  • Omni-Channel Personalisation and Activation.
  • Reporting on Acquisition, Engagement, Conversion and Retention.

Marketo’s SoMe Functionality

Marketo has a bunch of features available out the box when it comes to combining MAP + SoMe, though most of them are focused around email and landing pages. The features available out the box are:

We tend to steer folks to those in bold which are focused on connecting up technologies, and driving engagement based on actions and data value changes. They’re also how you’ll be able to drive recognition for SoMe Return on Investment (ROI).

Integrated Social Media Management

It’s possible to integrate your social media management (SMM) tools to Marketo’s powerful lead database. Ultimately linking the tool gives you the following benefits:

  • Ability to create qualified leads from a social conversation.
  • A system of record data visibility within the SMM tool.
  • Utilise social behaviours to provide insights and encourage lead scoring.
  • Become truly omnichannel by connecting social to digital campaigns.

Top Social Media Platform Integrations

HootSuite ( ) Well known HootSuite has had an integration with Marketo since 2014 and has continued to develop capabilities to link what happens on social to the Marketo lead database.

Oktopost ( ) Is a B2B Social Media Management platform used by Marketo themselves, integrating the platform is really simple through webhooks within each Marketo platform.

Sprinklr ( ) Sprinklr is an enterprise-grade social media management tool which integrates with Marketo, it allows person records to be created and updated through social engagements.

Reporting Social Success

Once you’ve connected your social media management tools and your advertising profiles to your Marketo instance you’ll then be pushing social activity into the Marketo database which will allow better targeting and engagement with prospects and customers.

What this also means is that we can configure marketing programs to capture acquisitions, activations and activity of socially acquired leads. Not to mention reflect social’s influence on the pipeline.


  1. Integrate current Social Media Management toolset with Marketo.
  2. Connect paid social and advertising networks using Ad Bridge.
  3. Build Programs within Marketo to track the influence of society.