Dedicated or Shared IP in Marketo: Unveiling the Pros and Cons

IP in Marketo
Adam Kemlo
Lead Consultant - EMEA & APAC


When it comes to email marketing with Marketo, one crucial decision you need to make is whether to use a dedicated IP service or continue with your current shared IP service. Each option has its own set of pros and cons that can significantly impact your email deliverability and overall marketing success. In this blog, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches to help you make an informed decision

Dedicated IP:

This is a user-specific IP address that only one sender sends from.


Reputation control: With a dedicated IP, you have full control over your sender reputation. This means your email deliverability and engagement rates are less likely to be influenced by other senders. It allows you to build a strong sender reputation over time, leading to better inbox placement and increased email deliverability.

Flexibility and customization: A dedicated IP offers more flexibility in terms of email volume and frequency. You can set your own sending policies and adjust them as needed to align with your specific marketing goals and strategies.

Improved deliverability: Since a dedicated IP is exclusively used by your organisation, you are not affected by the actions of other senders. This reduces the risk of being associated with spam or malicious activities, improving your chances of reaching the intended recipients’ inboxes.

Marketo support will provide guidance and support as part of your implementation


Expertise required: Managing a dedicated IP requires some technical knowledge and expertise. You will also need to configure and maintain your IP’s reputation, monitor deliverability metrics, and implement best practices to ensure optimal performance which in part will be supported by Marketo initially but necessarily after the implementation

Limited warm-up period: When using a new dedicated IP, you need to go through an initial warm-up period to establish a positive sender reputation. During this time, there may be limitations on the volume and speed at which you can send emails.

Shared IP:

Shared IP refers to when multiple senders are grouped together under the same IP addresses to launch email campaigns. This is the default IP option for all Marketo accounts.


Cost-effective: Shared IPs are included as part of your Marketo subscription without additional costs.

Easier management: With a shared IP, Marketo handles the IP reputation management on your behalf. They have established relationships with major email providers and can optimise deliverability rates, taking the burden off your team.

Instant reputation: Since shared IPs are already established with a positive sender reputation, you can benefit from the existing trust and avoid the initial warm-up period associated with a dedicated IP.


Reputation risks: Since multiple organisations share the same IP, your deliverability can be influenced by the actions of others. If another sender on the shared IP engages in spamming or violates email best practices, it may negatively impact your deliverability as well.

Limited customization: Shared IPs may have stricter sending policies and volume limitations imposed by Marketo to maintain a good reputation for all users. This can restrict your flexibility in terms of email frequency and volume.

Potential deliverability challenges: As you have less control over the IP’s reputation, there is a higher likelihood of your emails being flagged as spam or ending up in the recipients’ junk or promotions folders.


Choosing between a dedicated IP service and a shared IP service in Marketo requires careful consideration of the pros and cons. A dedicated IP provides reputation control, flexibility, and improved deliverability, but it also demands technical expertise and a warm-up period. On the other hand, a shared IP is cost-effective, easier to manage, and offers instant reputation, but it comes with reputation risks, limited customization, and potential deliverability challenges.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your organisation’s specific needs, goals, and resources. If maintaining a strong sender reputation and having control over email deliverability are critical for your business, a dedicated IP may be the right choice. However, if cost-effectiveness and simplified management are more important, sticking with a shared IP service could be the better option.

Consider your marketing objectives, technical capabilities, and the level of control you require over your email deliverability when making this decision. Remember, Marketo support will provide guidance and support during the implementation of a dedicated IP service, but ongoing management and optimization will be your responsibility. Choose wisely to maximise the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and drive better engagement with your audience.

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