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Flexible, easy to use and customisable email templates for Marketo Engage


Waste time on emails no longer.

Stop hacking at code, eliminate bottlenecks and never lose another lead from bad formatting.

Build emails in no more than 15 minutes. Together we can up your email game today.

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Built for you by experts

Modular master template ​

Email builds take no more than 15 minutes. Simply drag-and-drop from one flexible, best-practice master template — no coding required!

Variables will help you toggle items on/off or adjust button colours or image heights to make it even easier to format emails.

Custom-built templates​

Easy to use, tailor-made custom templates to suit your brand, use cases and goals.

We can develop on your existing design, or design new templates for you.

Email marketing best practice

All templates are fully tested across browsers and email accounts

Deliverability testing will check that your emails aren’t getting stuck in spam

Templates are designed to fit primary inbox criteria so your emails are hitting your leads’ managed inboxes.

Responsive across devices​

We help you to create email templates that are responsive across devices ensuring emails look as good and as perform well on mobile as they do on desktops

All templates are fully tested and dark mode ready.


Create great emails with great results

Get a modular master template that is easily customisable for fresh, professional emails

It’s personal. Get custom-built templates that are created inline your company objectives

Get email build time down to as little as 15 minutes so you can spend more time on the strategy

Attract the right attention and capture more leads

Attract the right attention and capture more leads

All templates are built by certified Marketo experts that know the platform and its users inside and out, utilising best practices to ensure success

Still have questions on Marketo email templates? Speak
with one of our experts, no strings attached!


Dedicated support

Our support doesn’t stop when we deliver your new template – that’s only the beginning! 

We offer a premium handover service to optimise your email template implementation, this includes:

  • Taking you through the relevant steps get you up to best practice email standards
  • Training on how to use your new templates in the most effective and easiest way
  • Tips and tricks around email deliverability, and getting more leads from your campaigns

IMG Academy cut email creation time and improve content personalization with JTF Marketing’s email templates

Don’t take our word for it – listen to IMG Academy explain how we helped them improve their email creation process in Marketo. It’s now much simpler and faster for IMG Academy to build emails and personalise messaging to different customer segments.

Common Email Template Questions

Will your modules eliminate the bugs?

Our templates will be fully tested by our certified experts for usability, email client compatibility and importantly deliverability.

Can I edit the templates?

Using a Master template will make it easy to modify button colours, sizes, etc. You’ll have a few handy variables to do that.

Will I still get the same Outlook problems?

We’ll advise you on what to expect with Outlook, and even overcome some of the most common challenges.

How does the process work?

Our Marketo experts will work with you to agree the different modules you need as part of your master email template. We’ll then support you through the design process if required, and then we’ll build and test prior to implementing in your Marketo instance ready to use.

How long does it take?

The process can be as quick as a few days, but we’ll be able to give you a better idea once we’ve scoped it.

What about the design?

Whether you have a design, or want us to design something for you, we’ll support you through what will and won’t work for email marketing. We’ll also lean on our extensive experience and multi-industry exposure to provide best practice insights.

What will the template look like?

The support from our experts doesn’t stop when you get given your templates. 

If fact that’s just the start. 

We’ll help you with: 

  • Training so you and your team are using the templates in the best and most efficient way 
  • Best practice hints and tips to maximise your email marketing success from Marketo Engage 

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