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Maximise your platform with the help of a team of consultants with the highest Marketo Engage certifications in the world.


See what is holding
you back

The Marketo Engage Maturity Curve is a great tool for providing a top level assessment of your Marketo platform but for us it just didn’t give enough detail on what to do next – so we created our own Marketo audit, carried out by Marketo certified consultants.

  • Gain insight into performance and utilisation of your platform
  • Improve your database hygiene and reliability
  • Build a Marketo roadmap to meet your unique marketing goal

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Marketo audit & roadmap

Fix problems

This review checks 148 different issues your instance may have. So you can fix the technical issues that stop you from getting the ROI your organisation wants to see.

Build efficiency

We’ll review your campaign performance inline with industry benchmarks. And give you recommendations that will optimise your campaigns for more leads and revenue.

Two weeks is all it takes

Get your action list in less than a fortnight. We’ll develop your recommendations and roadmap ready for you to action inhouse or with the support of our experts.

A visible plan

We’ll do all the leg work to present you with a visual and easy to digest report that you can share with non-marketing users and kickstart your optimisation plans.


The Marketo Audit

Within just two weeks you will discover how much of what you’re paying for you are really using in Marketo Engage. The audit, carried out by Marketo certified consultants, covers: 

  1. What you have purchased
  2. What you are using 
  3. Your maturity score

Plus insights into:

  • How to reach best practice
  • Getting ROI from Marketo Engage
  • Your opportunities to get better quality leads
  • Data volume and hygiene
Marketo Audits to help you

Maximise Marketo for your team

Get a breakdown of the platform features you’re using and at what level of maturity

Receive suggestions for what you can remove — without losing
value to save money on your next Marketo renewal

See exactly what you should do next by priority on your Marketo maturity roadmap

In addition to your configurations for different campaign types, we’ll also review your security controls and permissions

Discover ways to reduce your database volume to either cut costs on licence fee, or make room for new contact growth

When your audit is complete, we’ll go over your reports with you to discuss your insights and answer your questions

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Common Audit Questions

What does the audit cover?

Depending on the level of audit you choose we’ll review some of all of the following:

  • Maturity assessment and roadmap
  • Technical configuration and integration review
  • Marketo campaign performance
  • Subscription review
  • Data hygiene report
Who carries out the audit?

Our team of Marketo certified consultants carry out the audit for you from start to finish.

What happens after the audit?
  • DIY. Some issues and opportunities are simple enough that you can tackle them on your own.
  • Let us do it for you. Outsource some actions to us.
  • Get training. Fill those skill gaps.
  • Prioritise. You don’t have to do everything at once. Your roadmap sorts recommendations by impact and effort.
Marketo Engage Audit


Building your Marketo roadmap

Our certified experts can work with you to achieve your roadmap on a project by project or fully managed basis, depending on your resource availability and company objectives.


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