Achieving Marketing Operations Excellence: 6 Insights from MOpsApalooza 2023

Andrea at MOpsApalooza 2023
Andrea Arévalo
Marketing Automation Specialist


Hello fellow marketing operations professionals! Earlier this month I travelled to Anaheim, California, to represent JTF Marketing at MOpsApalooza 2023 – an incredible gathering of MOps professionals.

As the event dust settles, I’m excited to share some of the insights I’ve gathered (it was hard to pick just a few!) and how they’re shaping the future of marketing operations. So, grab yourself a coffee, kick back, and let’s dive into some MOpsApalooza 2023 highlights together!

Want to implement any of these ideas? Get in touch with us with your ideas – we love a challenge!

1. Smashing Together AI, Cloud Data, & Composability:

Unlocking Sales Potential Through Diverse Tools

Scott Brinker’s session emphasized the importance of diverse tools in operations. The integration of AI, cloud data, and composability not only enhances team efficiency but also contributes significantly to understanding customer behavior. Beyond basic personalization, a deeper understanding of leads’ roles and locations fosters meaningful connections, increasing conversion rates.

2. AI and the Future of Marketing & Revenue:

Strategic Implementation and Education

This panel session outlined the future landscape where AI becomes ubiquitous in marketing. The panel emphasised that AI implementations should be well-documented, with a clear strategy. Educating all team members on effective AI use, starting from the ground up, is crucial. The evolving AI landscape predicts smaller ops teams, a growing need for AI skills in marketing profiles, and a surge in AI agencies due to a lack of dedicated AI departments in companies.

3. Unlocking a world of opportunities with Marketo & ChatGPT:

Leveraging AI for Email Personalization

Tyron Pretorius delved into the advantages of using AI in Marketo, particularly in email personalization. Things to consider when setting up AI in Marketo include integration setup, data gathering and analysis, audience segmentation, personalized content creation with ChatGPT, content integration with Marketo, automated email campaigns, and ongoing optimization. And don’t forget that’s all while adhering to compliance and ethical considerations!

4. Thinking Outside the Box with Marketo Engage:

Efficiency in Large-Scale Program Management

Corey Bayless showcased the efficiency gained by creating large-scale programs from templates in seconds and managing them through Python scripts. The approach streamlines campaign activation, deactivation, and deletion, offering a time-effective solution for extensive marketing campaigns.

This is a really exciting concept due to the amount of time that can be saved by using Python scripts in this way! If you have a similar challenge, don’t hesitate to let us know as we would love to tackle it. 

5. Efficient Initial Processing in Marketo:

Operational Efficiency and Standardization

Ying Ying Lim of Middesk and Sydney Mulligan of Emmie Collective delivered a brilliant session about the importance of properly processing new leads in your Marketo database BEFORE they are synced to your CRM. They impressed the importance of operational efficiency, standardization, and scalability. It’s a no-brainer – make sure only the best data enters your CRM and you’ll have fewer data headaches and cleaning up to do later on.

6. Nurturing and Lead Scoring:

Aligning Strategies with the Buyer Journey

This session on nurturing and lead scoring underscores the importance of aligning these strategies with the buyer journey. Tactics mentioned to achieve this included conducting content audits and incorporating additional scoring elements based on demographics, behavior, and the buyer journey, all to enhance precision in targeting prospects.

In summary…

MOpsApalooza 2023 was an incredible few days, and I loved getting to meet other passionate marketing operations professionals! At JTF Marketing, we specialise in helping organisations to go further with Marketo Engage, and I can’t wait to work with our clients and partners to bring new and relevant insights into their Marketo instances. 

If you have any questions about the event, or how we can help you to go further with Marketo, please get in touch! You can reach me on LinkedIn, or send an enquiry on our Contact Us page.