For most marketing automation technology companies, the most important part is getting you up and running. Bootcamp training, online webinars, resources galore – but when it comes to actually do it… *blank*

Want to drive marketing automation maturity?

Maturity is knowledge, and knowledge comes from learning and fundamentally practising. We’ve developed custom training courses based on your requirements to educate your team on the basics, the advanced feature set, or readiness for certification exams.

Why let us train your staff?

  • We’re certified professionals – we’ve been using some marketing automation platforms for almost 10 years, and know the in’s and out’s of pretty much all the major technologies.
  • Real world marketers – we’re from the field, we deliver marketing automation services to companies and agencies, utilising best practice and experience to deliver results.
  • Custom to your needs– our training is a “hands-on” customised knowledge-sharing experience, it’s not a tonne of theory and slides, rather a fun experience of scenarios.
  • Post training support – we know training is intense, and a lot of information, so we’re happy to help with any questions or queries after the training has taken place, ensuring maximum value for your team.
  • Practice Certification Exams – if you’re looking to push for certification in your marketing automation technology, we can provide you with a mock exam to judge your readiness.
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Join our bi-monthly Marketo training

Marketo is one of the leading choices for automation software, and for good reason. It’s scalable, feature rich and perfect for dynamic global sales and marketing teams. But all those features take time to learn, not to mention understanding what best practice is for your company and industry. Our hands-on Marketo training is designed to cover everything from the basics, through to some of the more complex use cases all lead by a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA).

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Ready to get Marketo Certified?

If you’re looking to boost your career options, prove your knowledge or you’re just a Marketo fan like us, we’ve got just the course for you. Our hands-on Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) training will provide you with the best practice Marketo knowledge you need to prepare you for the certification exam- Plus we’ve a mock exam to test your knowledge ahead of time.

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Bespoke automation training for teams

We understand that every company is different, which is why we offer bespoke Marketo marketing automation training, too. We can deliver training in-house, via video conference, or at a destination of your choice. With our bespoke training, you can ensure every member of your team is on the same page, knows how to use Marketo, and runs more effective marketing campaigns to boost the company’s bottom line.

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