Sales and marketing harmony

Say goodbye to sync errors and sales team confusion.

Say hello to sales and marketing harmony.

No communication between your customer relationship management (CRM) system and Marketo Engage spells big problems.

Not least crippling your pipeline and leaving your sales team in the dark.


CRM not integrated yet, or not syncing properly?

Chances are that problems have already been making themselves known. Problems such as…

  • Your Marketo instance has heaps of lead information, but SFDC doesn’t sync and your sales team isn’t getting updates.
  • You have a custom CRM and you, your team, and your CRM admin have no idea how to troubleshoot leads not appearing.
  • You’re using a lot of spreadsheets to transfer information. This isn’t just prone to errors – it’s a data protection issue, too.
  • You’ve no idea if the leads sent to Sales are being followed up – and from looking at lead quality to closed-loop feedback, you’re not sure where to optimize first.
  • You don’t have a full view of a customer’s journey. That lead already had a demo, so why are they still receiving follow-ups?

No matter which of these is your reality, whether you’re using Microsoft Dynamics, a CRM, or a custom CRM, we’ve got an integration solution for you.

Engage all your users from one place

No translations required – we're here to help

We know the jargon and speak the tech language of your CRM admins and IT managers. That lets us:

Decipher your requirements and assess the different avenues available
Decipher your requirements CRM

Troubleshoot common Marketo Engage integration challenges
Marketo Engage integration CRM

Find the best option for your marketing team and enterprise infrastructure

Decrease the time it takes to get things running smoothly
Decrease the time CRM

CRM integration solutions for Marketo Engage

How long will it take?

In our experience, most out-of-the-box Marketo-CRM integration projects take around ten working days from working out specs to implementation. It can take less depending on complexity.

At JTF Marketing, we also have a ready-use solution for custom integrations which can be integrated in a few days to a few weeks.

Streamline data management – from first email to signed contract.

Effective CRM integration with Marketo means you can use marketing automation technology to deep-cleanse and enhance your CRM data.

Then, through improved data visibility, all teams are always on top of sales relationships, interactions, and progress.

  • Better CX for prospects.
  • Better efficiency for you.

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