Boost your team’s efficiency with CRM integration

Don’t silo your data, CRM integration for marketing automation is not that difficult and it doesn’t need to cause you headaches!

Why does your marketing automation implementation fail?

According to Gartner, most marketing automation implementations fail due to siloed data. The new marketing database is collecting loads of customer data and intelligence – but not connecting to anything else at all.

In other words, it happens because there is no customer relationship management (or CRM)-marketing automation platform integration.

Without the data synchronisation (via CRM integration), your team is unable to follow the customers’ journey map.  There will be lots of unchecked data such as who the lead or customer is and what they are doing across the channels of interaction. This issue will lead to email campaigns or lead nurture campaign failure.

With data synchronisation, which is one of the key value propositions of marketing automation software and platforms, the team can easily sync and share all crucial data and be always on top of what is happening with the process of selling from start to finish.

To achieve this, you need a functional CRM system that will facilitate the whole process.

Why you need an instant integration of your CRM system

For a unified view of your business, CRM integration is the next big step! Not only the features of both systems are complimentary but they also help the marketing and sales department and manage the customers and leads. Here are the three major reasons why you need this integration today!

3 benefits of integrating your CRM system

  1. Enhanced customer experience. We’ve all been there: you call up a service provider (or even the bank) and they spend 15 minutes of your call looking up your data because they have three different systems to check. And, whilst CIOs and CTOs have been talking about a single customer view, most are failing to deliver it – and customers keep losing valuable time. CRM integration allows you to improve customer service from the very first point of contact.
  2. Easy data management. One powerful capability of marketing automation is the ability to cleanse, enrich and enhance data held in the CRM so your analytic tools have the most accurate data available for reporting and analysis. With CRM integrations you can ensure that both sales and marketing are aligned and working from the best quality data (synced in real time) ensuring faster time to sale.
  3. Improved time to sales and service teams. Delivering the right data to the right teams in a timely fashion (from form fill-outs to service enquiries) and CRM integration to your marketing automation platform will enable smoother business processes and more accurate SLAs with your sales team and other departments and teams.

How long does it take to integrate a CRM with marketing automation?

That age-old saying “How long is a piece of string?” applies here.

Our estimation is that most out-of-the-box CRM integration projects take up to ten days of work to specify, prepare, test and implement. It can take a lot less, too, depending on the complexity of both your marketing automation platform and your customer relationship management platform. When they are customised they can raise a few red herrings.

Depending on the requirements of custom CRM integrations, they can be ready in a few days to a few months – and again, this varies depending on the complexity of the systems that need to be integrated and the degree of integration needed.

CRM integration solutions for marketing automation technologies

Most leading marketing automation technologies have been working on making CRM integration solutions easy to connect within their platforms. Since there are hundreds of CRM technologies on the market, it is nearly impossible for marketing automation vendors to have native connectors as one-size –fits-all.

Depending on your CRM and your marketing automation technology, you may be able to utilise an out-of-the-box solution for CRM integration:

  • Marketo and
  • Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Marketo and SAP

If you can’t use one of these handy solutions, you will need to build your own solution or find an off-the-shelf solution that will simulate these native connectors.

Custom integrations for Marketo

Because CRM integration with marketing automation is such a valuable area of expertise for businesses, there are a number of plug-and-play solutions available to help you with CRM integrations. But if you’re looking into a custom database, you’ll have limited options – even though most of the major platforms have APIs which allow you to develop a custom CRM integration.

At JTF Marketing, we have plenty of experience at understanding requirements, custom development, and delivery of custom CRM integrations for marketing automation technologies. Delivered in either a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) model or as an on-premise solution, we can provide your marketing team with the options that work best for your enterprise infrastructure.

Get your custom CRM integration for Marketo

Scaling Marketo across 40+ countries takes a lot of time, and expert knowledge on how to centralise a number of global initiatives. Working with JTF Marketing, we’re able to leverage their experience of complex implementations of Marketo Engage to our advantage. Their passionate team is always focused on best practice and how to squeeze more ROI

Florian Afeli

Global Head of Marketing Automation & Analytics, Euler Hermes

Florian Afeli Euler Hermes

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