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Drive registrations and provide further information


Responsive templates from a responsive team

You’ll have a devoted project lead that responds to you within 1 business day. And we’re committed to getting you the results you want.

Migration of live campaigns to new templates – Migrating your live campaigns takes time. Let us do it for you.

Testing and optimisation – We’ll check that your landing pages are responsive and help you monitor and optimise your campaigns.

Managed services for Marketo campaign build – Our certified experts will help you get best-practise campaigns out the door faster

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Landing pages built for you by experts, with the same goal in mind – create more lead conversion opportunities. 

“The guys at JTF Marketing provide extra firepower with their real-world experience of marketing automation and deliver genuine, commercial value. They’ve helped us progress from ad-hoc marketing activities to experience-led, planned campaigns that are focused and goal-driven”.

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Common landing page questions

Can you add a video into a landing page template?

This is a common request from our customers.

Yes, for a landing page, you can insert the share code to start to autoplay when your landing page loads.

Can we style forms in Marketo landing pages?

Yes – a common approach for us is to build styling into the templates so you don’t have to mess around with CSS for each individual form. As you can imagine, that can get messy and is difficult to develop a consistent approach every time. By standardising this within the template, you can bypass these issues every time you insert a form into a landing page.

Can you style sliders on landing page templates? We want our forms to be easier and clearer to use.

Yes, we can build in CSS in the template that displays that type of feature as a slider every time you add that feature in the form.

Do you do design and development of the templates?

Yes – we have an in-house designer who can create a template from your brief (and branding) to pull together a design. Our developer can then translate this into an HTML template.

Do you have off-the-shelf templates available?

We have a number of baseline templates, but we should have a call to learn your requirements and priorities: the whole point of a high-quality template is that it fits the purpose it’s intended for, so we always encourage discussing what you need it to do first.

We’re happy to work with you to fit your budget and prioritise the most important features you need in your template.

Will it be like email templates where we can drag and drop?

Unfortunately Marketo landing pages don’t have drag and drop functionality, but we can make it ‘section’ based which means you can toggle on and off the different parts of a landing page. I.e. you want to have a video module with some bullets on one page, and on the other a table absolutely fine!

What will the template look like?

Working with your team we will review example sections which can be part of your master landing page. We can then either apply the branding from your website, or your design team can provide us with a full design file to develop from.

How long does it take to develop a Marketo landing page?

This really depends on how many sections and importantly what sophistication you want to add. Once we’ve scope out those modules we will be able to give you an idea of the timeframe. But if you need something NOW let us know and we can work with you to understand what is possible.


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