Superpower your ROI with Marketo reporting

Marketo Engage email open rates aren’t the endgame of measuring success. It’s time to zero in on the details of all your digital marketing wins.

Your marketing has impact.

Learn how to show exactly what it does in your customer journeys.

Which Marketo reporting & analytics persona are you?

In our experience, most people using Marketo analytics sit in one of three buckets:

  • You measure wins through Marketo’s email performance reporting, but don’t really look at the big picture
  • You focus mainly on campaign-level metrics, and might be using cost period and progression status to understand the campaign’s ROI
  • You’re deep in the details, and are using a lead attribution model to see which channels to focus on or optimise

Whichever category of report-savvy you fall into, there are actually 4 functions you can tick off your list if you want to really knock your ROI out of the park.

Make the most of Marketo Engage's reporting

Consolidated dashboards

A live view of everything going on at once cuts the time it takes for you, your team, and your CMO to work out what’s going on.
Marketo Consolidated dashboards

Best-practice methods

Many Marketo users learn new functions through trial and error. Stick to best practice to measure campaign influence, success, and cost per acquisition in a way that’ll always work.
Marketo Best-practices

Revenue cycle modelling

Oversee your entire acquisition and retention programs, focusing on the elements that Marketing can control or influence – including handover to Sales and where it might be going wrong.
Marketo Revenue cycle

Multi-touch attribution

Work out which channels aren’t working and which ones underpin your big wins by pinpointing how valuable your efforts are at converting leads.
Multi-touch attribution

Here’s our pitch…

Unless you’re a Marketo data geek like us, Marketo analytics and reporting aren’t usually the most exciting task on the to-do.

Luckily, those are second nature to us. We can:

  • Smarten up your existing Marketo reporting and weave in advanced lead insight tools like revenue cycle modelling
  • Set you up with a custom Marketo dashboard to centralise activities with always-on reporting – saving you a lot of time
  • Make sure your lead attribution model looks at more than just the first and last lead touch points. There’s a world of data out there!
  • Go beyond just the Marketo statistics and tie in revenue influence
  • Make use of Marketo’s reporting APIs for optimal insight and performance, tailored to what works for your Marketing team

Why JTF Marketing?

Proving marketing ROI doesn’t have to be a hoop you have to jump through for every board meeting. Our experts can help you to:

  • Get full, always-on visibility over what’s fuelling your marketing channel performance
  • Implement effective lead attribution for precisely tracking the path to conversion
  • Make your ROI reporting efficient, consistent, and effective

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