Understand and demonstrate ROI with Marketo reporting

It’s more critical than ever to measure the success of your campaigns in Marketo and show ROI.

Yet Marketo reporting isn’t easy to master! Often you know what you want to track, but you’re not sure of the best way to do it in Marketo. Or you simply don’t have the time or resource to get things set up correctly.

We can help.

Expert Marketo reporting & analytics support

Luckily, Marketo reporting is second nature to us. We can:

  • Smarten up your existing Marketo reporting and introduce advanced lead insight tools, such as customer lifecycle modelling
  • Set up a custom Marketo dashboard to centralise activities with always-on reporting – saving you a lot of time
  • Review your lead attribution model and make recommendations for multi-attribution
  • Go beyond simple email performance and tie in revenue influence
  • Make use of Marketo’s reporting APIs for optimal insight and performance, tailored to what works for your Marketing team
Improve how you utilise Marketo Engage's reporting functionality

Consolidated dashboards

Get a live view of all marketing activity, so you and your team have complete control over what’s going on.
Marketo Consolidated dashboards

Best-practice methods

Learn best practice to measure campaign influence, success, and cost per acquisition in a way that always works.
Marketo Best-practices

Customer lifecycle modelling

Set-up or optimise your acquisition and retention programs - tracking performance at each stage.
Marketo Revenue cycle

Multi-touch attribution

Work out which channels underpin your big wins and those that need refinement.
Multi-touch attribution

Why JTF Marketing?

Proving marketing ROI doesn’t have to be a headache. Our experts can help you:

  • Get always-on visibility over what’s fueling your marketing channel performance
  • Implement effective lead attribution for precisely tracking the path to conversion
  • Make your ROI reporting efficient, consistent, and effective

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