Maximising marketing automation campaign strategy

It’s time to go beyond email marketing and enter the realm of Marketing Automation ROI

Whether you are starting your marketing automation transformation journey or you’re a few months, or years, down the line you’ll be constantly revisiting your marketing automation campaign strategy. Evolving it as your business grows and your knowledge of marketing automation campaigns grow.

Marketers everywhere are reaping the benefits of marketing automation to streamline their marketing campaigns. But if you are using marketing automation just to manage email campaigns, you are barely scratching the surface of what you can achieve with your platform.

When your automation platform is implemented with a clear marketing automation campaign strategy, it can help you increase the clarity and visibility of the impact of marketing efforts. Plus help you demonstrate lead velocity (speed through the sales funnel) and helping you understand prospect and lead behaviour across omni-channel campaigns. Most importantly it can help to drive more qualified leads, revenue growth and deliver improvements throughout the sales cycle.

Uncovering the benefits of marketing automation

If you’ve got to this page there is no doubt you’re either aware of what the benefits of marketing automation platforms are to your business, or you’re full swing in researching how to deliver a business case that will get passed your key stakeholders. The most common benefits of marketing automation are:

  • Automating repetitive marketing tasks such as sending automated emails like call to action responses, or alerts to sales colleagues, even verifying and cleansing data.
  • Providing a better customer experience throughout the sales cycle from lead nurturing for new business, to continuous engagement of existing customers or even an award-winning customer onboarding program.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of Marketing using language the business understands like revenue, profit, average sale, return on investment. Giving you full clout in the boardroom!
  • Personalisation of the customer journey from every web visit, to the emails or SMS that form part of your communication plan.
  • Improve conversion rates not only across web forms on landing pages, but throughout the lifecycle of a customer using lead nurturing workflows to automatically send and engage at key sticking points.

It’s likely a few of benefits have resonated with what you’re looking to achieve, or hopefully sparked some ideas on the possibilities that a great marketing automation campaign strategy can deliver. If you’re actively looking for a marketing automation platform let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

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Understanding the journey to automated marketing

All too often we see marketing teams who are new to marketing automation, and even those who’ve got some experience, get carried away campaign planning and developing lots of materials to distribute through the new marketing automation platform. 

That’s why we developed our Readiness Assessment Program that helps marketers have a success plan when launching a marketing automation platform. Typically the process starts with doing “as is” marketing (i.e. batch and blast emails) and in tandem working to map the customer journeys not only in theoretical milestones but data points too. The good news is most of this marketing automation campaign strategy can be done before even purchasing a marketing automation platform.

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Scaling Marketo across 40+ countries takes a lot of time, and expert knowledge on how to centralise a number of global initiatives. Working with JTF Marketing, we’re able to leverage their experience of complex implementations of Marketo Engage to our advantage. Their passionate team is always focused on best practice and how to squeeze more ROI

Florian Afeli

Global Head of Marketing Automation & Analytics, Euler Hermes

Florian Afeli Euler Hermes

Defining your marketing automation campaign strategy

The success to driving ROI from marketing automation technology comes down to what you use it for – many businesses pigeon hole these tools as just an email marketing tool, without fully understanding it’s capabilities. The successful elements of your marketing automation strategy for campaigns will include:

  • Target audience with personas to develop clear campaign messaging
  • Clear, defined and realistic business and campaign goals to measure success
  • Mapped customer journeys with data points to enable segmentation
  • An assembled team of experts covering all areas of MarTech, Sales, Marketing and Content
  • An audit of where we are now aligned to a roadmap of the future
  • A strong campaign strategy plan with timelines and deadlines that takes priority
  • And not to forget a strong communication strategy internally

The successful delivery of such a marketing automation campaign strategy will not only keep you focused on the original business justification for the marketing automation platform, but it’ll keep your transformation moving from batch and blast, to triggers and then into automated marketing workflows like drips and lead nurturing campaigns.

Take your marketing strategy to the next level

In our “Marketing Automation Transformation Toolkit” you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what marketing automation is – and how it personalises and streamlines your lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead management processes
  • How marketing automation tools can showcase the visibility of your marketing efforts through the entire marketing funnel
  • How marketing automation can help you increase your ROI by providing actionable insights into your marketing efforts
  • The complete marketing transformation an automation platform can deliver across your entire business
  • You’ll also find out how to make sure you get an automation solution that will grow and scale with you in the long term

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