Campaign strategy that wows your CMO

Make Marketo Engage your campaign strategy compass – and find your way from batch-and-blast hell to always-on automation heaven.


Sending emails is just the tip of the iceberg.

Campaign strategy is about more than just your content.

It’s also how you execute and incorporate it across your marketing mix, using things like:

  • Mapped campaigns that use your customer pain points or journey sticking points
  • Realistic business goals, defined by qualified leads or revenue impact
  • Automation of repetitive tasks based on a model you’re optimising, rather than building from scratch, every time
  • Quality CX – a controlled volume of personalised and relevant content, without bombarding your prospects
  • Actionable optimisation steps that help you get more without doing much
From batch-and-blast to always-on campaigns

Reduce your campaign build time from 4 hours to 15 minutes

“Here’s one I made earlier…” also applies to Marketo Engage programs.

Using Adobe Marketo Engage’s powerful cloning technology and templated programs slashes get-it-out-the-door legwork, meaning:

  • Fewer build, execution, and targeting errors
  • Speedy program execution
  • Baked-in reporting based on campaign type
  • A standardised, scalable approach

Get set up with best-practice templates to make setting up campaigns as quick as making a cup of coffee.

Build your ideal campaign strategy


From “send it out” to “switch it on”

An always-on campaign strategy is simple: drop content into a template or lead nurturing stream, programs schedule automatically, and leads or conversions roll in. 

But 2 common internal challenges can throw a spanner in:

  • A “what isn’t broken doesn’t need fixing” mindset on batch-and-blast content
  • Someone can’t see the forest for the trees (or the gaping hole in your funnel from the few leads!)

Prove what obstacles are holding back your ROI with our free, in-depth Marketo Engage health check.


Time to whip your campaign strategy into shape

We can help you to deliver digital marketing brilliance by:

  • Breaking down the steps of customer journeys into key attribution touchpoints 
  • Personalising messaging through segmentation and lead nurturing
  • Integrating different channel types or Martech connections
  • Unifying your reporting overview with a handy dashboard
  • Developing an always-on data hygiene rules
  • Measuring all activity across all of your channels
  • Implementing powerful, efficient internal communication between marketing and sales teams
  • Scaling your MarOps to fit new initiatives

Why work with us?

We specialise in developing campaign strategies tailored to each business we work with.

And we’re not all talk – we live and breathe marketing automation and have seen every tangle, bump, and bug in every kind of instance. 

Using best-practice methods from the outset, we’ll help you develop a campaign strategy that keeps leads rolling smoothly through your pipeline.

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