Data hygiene rules in Marketo

Campaign success begins with a squeaky-clean database

Data is all about quality not quantity! And without clean data your campaign performance will suffer.

At JTF Marketing we believe data hygiene is an ongoing project, not a quick, one-off fix. That’s why we offer ‘always-on’ data management services and solutions so you can optimise campaign performance.

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Reap the benefits of better data hygiene processes

Improve deliverability

Fewer invalid emails means a lower bounce rate and better deliverability.
Invalid or junk email addresses

Increase lead quality

Feel the love from your sales team. Give them better quality leads with the correct data and details of viable opportunities.
ack of viable opportunities

Reduce duplicates

Create rules to identify and deal with duplicate records - improving intelligence on engagement activity.
Marketo duplicates database

Lower unsubscribe rates

Keep your audience happy and prevent rising unsubscribe rates by sending them relevant content they want to receive.
Unsubscribe rate is rising

Always-on data hygiene rules - powered by Marketo Engage


We can help you to implement processes that:

  • Automatically merge duplicates in Marketo Engage with our 3-step deduplication tool
  • Use BIMI certification to improve brand awareness in your prospects’ inboxes
  • Populate missing lead info and clean bad data as it comes in
  • Refresh and cleanse stored data on a regular basis to keep it up to date

Most importantly, we can help you to implement rules that continue to work so your data stays clean and your campaigns continue to perform.


We helped ShipServ reduce the size of their database by over 52% with always-on data hygiene and deduplication rules.

Read our bite-sized case study here.

Automate my data hygiene management

Why should I care about data management?

No one wants a dirty database. It’s hard to segment, causes GDPR challenges, and has serious implications on campaign performance.

Keeping on top of data hygiene will help you to see the results of your marketing efforts with clarity.

A clean database keeps your Marketo license costs down by covering only your marketable audience.

And always-on data hygiene processes make it easier to adhere to data protection and compliance.

Why work with JTF Marketing?

We’re invested in always-on data management solutions that ensure your data stays clean for optimum campaign performance.

As well as offering a free data hygiene audit to highlight any current issues, our data management services can also help you with:

  • Email validation
  • Data merging and deduplication
  • Setting ideal acquisition data fields
  • Refreshing out-of-date data automatically
  • Lead routing and recycling

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