JTF Marketing Webinar
18 October 2023 | 4 pm BST - 10 am CDT | 30 minutes

Managing your Marketo Engage database hygiene

Discover the power of clean data to unlock the results your marketing efforts deserve.

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Not getting the results you expect from your marketing campaigns? It’s time to address the hidden culprit: poor quality data.

In this webinar, Marketo Certified Expert Paddy Cumiskey will explain how to clean data can revolutionise your marketing strategy and boost your ROI like never before!

Learn how to cleanse your database and save yourself a big chunk of the licence fee, and leave with the knowledge to push out higher performing campaigns to a much more targeted data set.

Managing your Marketo Engage database hygiene

18 October 2023 | 4 pm BST – 10 am CDT

In 30 minutes, Paddy will cover:

  • Why poor quality data prevents you from seeing your marketing successes
  • How dirty data in your database bloats your Marketo licence fee
  • Examples of Marketo Engage rules to remove unnecessary data from your database
  • Using data hygiene reporting to monitor database health
  • How to clean up duplicated data quickly and easily

Get answers to your questions. Get more from your Marketo.


Paddy Cumiskey JTF Marketing

Paddy Cumiskey

Marketo Certified Expert