Our Partners

As Marketo Partners and Reseller, our agency integrates with not just the Marketo platform, but also the Marketo business and allowing European enterprises and commercial organisations to buy their subscription on European (law) paperwork. We have access to a larger pool of resources, providing a support model for our clients that goes beyond the norm. We are members of an exclusive group, composed of the smartest marketing professionals and technology experts in the world.

We have on-boarded some of our largest clients through the Marketo Partner Program, using our custom ‘Readiness’ assessments to evaluate the clients’ needs in order to develop their Marketing Automation strategy and provide a thorough ‘support model’ like service with Marketo.

JTF Marketing has launched a new partnership with TwentyThree. TwentyThree offers a set of tools for marketers to take their video marketing beyond vanity metrics and manual processes. Whether that’s a robust integration with a marketing automation platform, the ability to distribute video content across all platforms or a full toolbox equipped to improve lead gen, email, and inbound marketing efforts.

We’re excited to embark on a new adventure with TwentyThree as their video tools become a needed solution to solidify and evaluate digital marketing efforts.