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Adobe’s Marketo Engage is the market’s leading marketing automation platform, and as a European Marketo partner we support a number of global marketing automation implementations. We’ve over 12 years of working with Marketo as a customer and a partner. Our certified marketing automation consultants can help you with everything from a demo through to best practice deployment and campaign configuration.

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JTF Marketing has launched a new partnership with TwentyThree. TwentyThree offers a set of tools for marketers to take their video marketing beyond vanity metrics and manual processes. Whether that’s a robust integration with a marketing automation platform, the ability to distribute video content across all platforms or a full toolbox equipped to improve lead gen, email, and inbound marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation is a very important part of building your brand, and acquiring leads but in a majority of cases Marketing never get feedback from sales or sales just can’t handle the volume of inbound leads. Exceed was created to tackle just that! Automate lead follow up and book qualified appointments into your sales people’s diaries with as little as 5 hours per week.

aromerge is a data management and hygiene platform for Marketo. The platform is a self-serve data management tool for Marketo that helps Marketers understand, improve and manage data quality from a single platform. Plus the added bonus is you can potentially save on your Marketo Licence fee!

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Cognism is changing the world for data acquisition and refresh with their easy to use data-as-a-service platform. JTF Marketing use their technology in-house and for client projects to enhance, and enrich current marketing campaigns and programs. Contact us to find out more on how you can use Cognism!

Oktopost is the leading B2B social media management platform that integrates with marketing automation platforms like Marketo seamlessly. The platform also boasts a employee advocacy capability which allows marketers to extend beyond their page and profile audiences and direct to the customers and advocates.