Marketing Automation Readiness Assessment Program

Discover the dos and don’ts of digital marketing transformation with our Readiness Assessment Programme

Why are digital marketing transformation projects like implementing marketing automation technologies always complicated and confusing from start to finish?
We found there are 3 main reasons:

  • The project team lack experience or expertise with the technology
  • The implementation plan focuses on tech not on people
  • The project loses sight of its original objective i.e. customer experience centric marketing

All three result in the project becoming a failure. To avoid it, act fast.

You know what you need and we know how to get you there.

JTF Marketing developed the Readiness Assessment Program for digital marketing transformation that gives reliable and 100% project success to help you reach your digital marketing transformation goals with marketing automation at the heart.
Our experts will handle your digital marketing transformation by creating a detailed plan for implementation, upskilling and importantly a roadmap tailored to your needs. If any of your needs is listed below, we have the solution:

  • You want to implement a marketing automation platform for the first time, and don’t have the knowledge to approach it
  • You’re replacing existing technology and don’t want the project to impact the your team’s day to day workloads
  • You want a scalable and clear technical implementation plan and rollout roadmap for your organisation
  • You are looking for a team of experts to help you leapfrog your digital marketing transformation journey
  • You need a fast turnaround due to security or business impact caused by existing technology

Our Solution: The digital marketing transformation Readiness Assessment Programme (RAP)

What is the Readiness Assessment Programme?

The Readiness Assessment Programme is a methodology that our marketing automation agency has created to facilitate our clients’ implementation and use of marketing automation software as part of their digital marketing transformation. It is a programme that assesses the businesses readiness for such business change in phases, separately focusing on each aspect that obstructs the successful digital transformation.

Our programme was designed to add clarity to the business requirements enabling us to better understand our client’s business and incorporate its nuances into the technology of choice.

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5 Vital Aspects of the Readiness Assessment Program

1. Personas & Messaging

The first phase and vital aspect of our Readiness Assessment Program is helping you understand your ideal clients’ persona. Who are they, what they want, how they function, what are their priority needs and which are their strengths and weaknesses.

A good place to look for the answers is at your most profitable customers since your goal is to have more customers like them.

When it comes to digital marketing transformation projects and readiness for marketing automation, these personas will play a pivotal role, not only in helping you define your requirements for your marketing automation platform selection, but also helping you understand which data you need to collect through the buying journey.

2. Mapping the Customer Journey

Moving on to the next phase of the Readiness Assessment Program, you will notice that once you know the ins and outs of your ideal client, the next step is to map their journey. For that purpose, we have phase two: mapping the customer journey.

Let’s define this.

A customer journey map is a visualisation of the process that a prospective customer goes through in order to reach a goal within the company. This goal could be acquisition and first sale, upsell and cross sell, retention, or maybe, even education.

The customer journey helps you understand the needs and pain points of your customers, and will often differ based on your messaging and personas.

Learn about Customer Journey Mapping

3. Conducting MarTech Audit

MarTech (or its full name Marketing Technology) are technologies that marketing teams utilise to conduct, orchestrate and measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities and drive more efficient use of their marketing budget.

As there are thousands of technologies today, the decision of which tools to use is a very hard one to make. The chosen tools must help the marketers reach their business goals, and make life easier with simple connections to the wider MarTech stack. Which is why a wrong decision mustn’t be made.

So, how would you know which MarTech stack to use?

The answer is by conducting a MarTech Audit. The MarTech audit will allow us to understand the current marketing technology stack, and identify any gaps which may require additional technology.

4. Marketing Automation Platform and Research

In this phase we leverage our expansive expert knowledge of marketing technologies. We’ll navigate the right technologies, pricing models and connectivity for your business requirements..

The document has two critical parts:

  1. Understanding which short, mid and long term functionalities are required
  2. Understanding which integrations are required to other systems to ensure a connected model

With this document you will be able to make a marketing automation platform selection which saves you time and effort.

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5. Developing a Business Case

The final aspect of our Readiness Assessment Programme is supporting you in developing a business case for digital marketing transformation.

We have a winning formula to put your business case for marketing automation forward to your management team, and get buy-in from even the most difficult stakeholders.

Our 15+ years of experience in building clients’ business cases made us the experts of creating the perfect business case that guarantees results. Here is what it covers:

  • Summary of the business case and alignment to the business objectives
  • Benefits of utilising marketing automation to the business as a whole
  • Scope of the project (including platform selection and services)
  • Key dependencies and governance for the project
  • Identification of project team, timeline, and budget (including cost benefit analysis)

We’ll write your business case personalised to your business specifications, including the intricacies of Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) and CapEx versus OpEx for MarTech, backed up with all the right detail to get it past even the most eagle-eyed CFO.

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Download our transformation guide

Marketers everywhere are reaping the benefits of automation to streamline their marketing campaigns.

Marketing transformation is not just a one off project, but an ongoing process. If you are already using marketing automation and you’re just managing email campaigns, you are barely scratching the surface of what you can achieve with your platform. Download our 3 step marketing transformation guide and see how you can do it.


  • What marketing automation exactly is – and how it personalises and streamlines your lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead management processes
  • How marketing automation tools can showcase the visibility of your marketing efforts through the entire marketing funnel
  • How marketing automation can help you increase your ROI by providing actionable insights into your marketing efforts
  • How the complete marketing transformation tform can be delivered across your entire business.

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