Program Templates

Reduce program build time by as much as 75% with Marketo program templates and tokens.

Create templates that accelerate your whole campaign development, reducing execution time and effort drastically.


Effortlessly scale
your marketing

When it comes to templates in Marketo, many users don’t go beyond email and landing pages. Program templates and tokens are Marketo’s secret weapon and should be introduced for any marketing program that you’ll use more than one, right from the very start.

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Benefit from marketing automation

Save on time

By using tokenised variables that populate the consistent elements of your campaign such as the date/time or a CTA link to dramatically reduce the time of launching an event or campaign.

Reduce errors

Added the testing and cloning of an already approved template will leave a lot less room for costly mistakes.

Increase visibility

Marketo programs enable centralised management and reporting across multiple touchpoints.

Adaptability on a scale

With the right token program strategy in place content can be modified in one place, and updates are applied instantly throughout an entire program.


Optimise your assets

Manage marketing assets in one place

Track campaign performance

Create campaign structure consistency

Reduce quality control requirements

Build programs that are documented and easy to maintain

Make ROI reporting even easier

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iomart saves days on program builds with custom program templates

Don’t take our word for it – listen to iomart explain how by transitioning to branded, flexible email templates and custom program templates built by JTF Marketing, their email program build time reduced from 2-3 days to 10 minutes.


Work smarter

Work with our Marketo experts to a develop a best practice structure that reduces build time, improves brand consistency and scales.

“What was great about bringing JTF Marketing onboard is that I was able to hand over the baton to them with full confidence that they were going to be able to execute.”

Shannon Faunce
Director of Marketing Operations

Common Program Template Questions

What are program templates and why do I need them?

Creating templates for your programs in Marketo can dramatically reduce campaign execution time and effort.

How is an asset template different to a program template?

When we talk about asset templates in Marketo Engage we’re talking about templates for landing pages templates and email templates. 

What are tokens in Marketo and how are they used?

Tokens are the smart little things that save you heaps of time in program templates. By simply transforming different elements in your program templates into tokens you can reduce the time of launching an event or download campaign by using tokenised variables that populate the consistent elements of your campaign such as the date/time or a CTA link.