Achieve always-on lead nurturing

We’ll help you build and optimise an easy-to-maintain lead nurturing campaign in Marketo Engage.

So you can automatically boost engagement, retain customers and nurture leads into high-quality sales prospects.

Building and optimising always-on lead nurturing is easy with JTF Marketing

Here are some of the ways we’ll help you build and improve your nurturing program:

  • Map the ideal structureof your nurturing program focused on your business objectives
  • Implement your nurture program so it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t need a tonne of content
  • Monitor performance through each step of the customer journey to improve conversion rates and lead velocity
  • Optimise campaign performance by measuring its effectiveness and recommending improvements
  • Discover which types of customers buy fastest — better understand your ideal customer profile and lead sources
  • Identify your best leads for sales with integrated lead scoring that pushes top-quality leads to your sales team
Achieve always-on lead nurturing

Forget “batch-and-blast” campaigns. Put your lead nurturing on autopilot.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to lead nurturing with Marketo Engage.

Here’s how we’ll help you get the automated lead nurturing program you want:

Understanding your customer journey

What are the milestones that take a prospect from first touch to repeat purchase? What data do you already have? What data is missing?

Designing your nurture campaign

We’ll design and propose a framework for building or optimising your nurture program with a focus on your business objectives, such as retention or lead generation.

Launch in as few as 7 days

Repurpose your existing content to get your campaign out the door without creating new assets. We’ll start by testing with smaller sample groups so we can optimise your campaign before we engage your larger audience.

Monitor, measure and optimise

We’ll continue supporting you in optimising your content as we send more contacts through your nurturing program. So you can get more leads and improve retention without the headache of batch-and-blast campaigns.

Get dedicated support from a certified Marketo Engage expert

You’ll have a dedicated project lead who is a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) —  the highest Marketo Engage certification Adobe offers.

Plus, you’ll always know what’s done and what’s in progress with your client portal. That means you’ll never wonder where things stand, or need to chase us down for updates.

You’re closer to a sustainable, always-on lead nurturing campaign than you think

We specialise in helping B2B and B2C companies across industries automate their marketing using Marketo Engage – not just using technical features, but by assessing and pinpointing their unique business requirements.

Work with our certified experts to create a lead nurture campaign that:

  • Matches up to your unique customer journey touch points
  • Nurtures leads with relevant content, whether they’re your prospects or existing customers
  • Takes scheduling pressure off your staff by automating sends
  • Works in harmony with your attribution system

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Lead nurturing on point

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