From FTSE 100’s to dynamic startups and everything in-between, we help them maximise their Marketing Automation investment.

FIL required an expert partner to devise and roll out Marketo instances and a marketing automation maturity strategy that would lead them to success across multiple business units. Find out how JTF Marketing got the results and continue to drive maturity and expansion of FILs capabilities in Marketo
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Tackling some of the biggest challenges in modern-day marketing JTF Marketing helped Sommet Education go from 15 to 60% lead attribution using Marketo to handle a complex buying cycle across 120 countries. Watch our case study to find out more.
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Through various hands the Rakuten Viber team had underutilised their Marketo instance, and through an informative Marketo Audit & Maturity review by JTF Marketing they were able to identify some quick wins. Through Marketing Operations & Support by JTF Marketing they boosted the maturity of their Marketing Automation.
Challenged with scaling a global Marketo implementation over 41 countries, Euler Hermes partners with JTF Marketing to establish a number of best practices to maximise their investment through a number of projects including the Euler Hermes New Service Model which focuses on Customer Experience.
McGraw-Hill's global and diverse business had been using Marketo for a number of years prior to engaging with JTF Marketing. The partnership started through a Marketo audit and roadmaping exercise which quickly highlighted additional opportunities for the organisations to develop a strong consultative relationship.
Allianz was recommended to work with JTF Marketing by Euler Hermes (a division of the group) as trusted Marketo experts. Supporting the acquisition of Marketo Engage and delivering the implementation were set as primary objectives, with Marketo support and training to accelerate maturity.
ShipServ first attended Marketo training run by JTF Marketing, and during the training they had identified a number of enhancements which they required some support to deliver. Working with JTF Marketing we enhanced a number of lead managed processes and then reduced the database size by 52%, saving them more than double on licence fee.
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Post implementation of Marketo Engage, TechData Europe wanted to accelerate their time to market with strategic Marketo support, technical advisory and best practice campaign templates ensuring regions can maximise Marketo whilst building their knowledge on the art of the possible,
Wandera had developed their Marketo instance through self-learning and instinct, but the team wanted to drive more value from the platform. JTF Marketing used their proprietary Marketo Audit to review how the platform is used, and created an action plan and roadmap to increase maturity and value.
Equinix's Marketo team wanted to get certified, working with JTF Marketing to create a custom training program with guaranteed success of Marketo Certification. The training included not only theoretical knowledge, but hands on demos, and assignments leading to a mock exam.
ConstructionLine asked JTF Marketing to implement and support a new Marketo Engage implementation whilst providing training and upskilling for the internal team. With the internal team now utilising the platform, JTF Marketing is playing a crucial role in supporting the marketing automation strategy and long term initiatives.
Sumo Logic is rapidly growing their global marketing team and required Marketo Operations & Support for the Marketo Engage platform to cover EMEA and APAC. JTF Marketing's expertise and european base provided the perfect partnership to keep around the clock activities ticking along.
Hotelbeds first engaged JTF Marketing to build a custom loyalty campaign within Marketo to centralise all of their efforts, after launching it. JTF Marketing provided Marketing Automation Strategy and Marketo support in Palma, Mallorca for their rebranding project.
GE Healthcare first approached JTF Marketing to join our Marketo training in London. The team were looking to formalise their knowledge of Marketo with certification and importantly upskill the team on best practice deployments in Marketo.
Antritsu needed some strategic marketing automation strategy on how best to manage and scale global marketing campaigns in Marketo. JTF Marketing also supported the marketing team in troubelshooting a number of SFDC and Marketo Synchronisation issues.
Innovative HR software company Peakon first approached JTF Marketing after self-implementing the Marketo Engage platform. The team wanted to ensure they had implemented best practice with our Marketo audit and gain a list of actionable recommendations for improvement. In line with the action plan JTF Marketing provided Marketo support and training.
After signing a renewal with Marketo, 3 Step IT wanted an imparcial review of how well are they using the platform, and what could they do to better scale global marketing campaigns across multiple regions. Completing a Marketo Audit and Data Hygiene resulted in a number of recommendations for the team to prioritise and enhance.
Anaplan's EMEA team first invited JTF Marketing in to complete a custom training project focused around best practice usage and reporting with Marketo Engage. On successful delivery JTF Marketing later supported the GDPR project prior to the company's successful IPO.
Coats have a long standing relationship with JTF Marketing as we've helped the global marketing team re-establish through Marketing Automation Strategy, a fresh implementation of Marketo in best practice standard, and provided managed services for global campaigns. Through training the team are now self-sufficient and JTF Marketing play an advisory role.
Laurette Education sold a number of their hopsitality schools and brands to a Venture Capital firm, that later established Sommet Education. As subject matter experts for Marketo, JTF Marketing were responsible for migrating Sommet Education our of the Laurette Education Marketo instance and into a new instance.
JTF Marketing was asked to provide best practice lead generation and nurturing models that would be provided for Euler Hermes UK. The model aligned with an always-on content production model which resulted in successful results and overall improvements in data quality.
Hearsay invited JTF Marketing to provide EMEA Marketing Operations & Support as part of their global scaling team. Responsible for all things Marketo the team executed marketing campaigns, enhanced the data set, built best practice email and landing page templates and provided closed loop reporting.
Danwood relied on JTF Marketing for a fully managed service for Marketo, designing campaigns, build and execution. Additionally JTF Marketing provided ongoing training and upskills for graduates and designed lifecycle marketing campaigns to tackle attrition and lead generation.
Working with the Capita team JTF Marketing implemented and fully managed a Marketo Engage instance. Through a rigerous training program the team have built up their knowledge of Marketo, JTF Markekting have transitioned into an advisory role ensuring the platfrom continues to meet best practice standards.
Fellowes needed EMEA Marketing Operations and Support for Oracle Eloqua, and needed a responsive and cost effective partner. Working with JTF Marketing, the Fellowes team were able to optimise existing marketing campaigns and provide a framework for the future.
After implementing Marketo, Bizneo wanted to use the platform just as the experts would. Working in partnership we developed a series of form enhancements that improved lead attribution, develop a lead nurturing program for customer onboard, and a lead scoring model to support sales.
LonRes started working with JTF Marketing when they wanted to rebuild some modular email and landing page templates for Marketo. The team have continued to collaborate on all topics from Marketing Automation Strategy through to Data Hygiene and ad-hoc Marketo support.
Compleat Software wanted to enhance the way forms were used on the website for closed loop tracking. JTF Marketing provided Marketo support to help identify the issues, re-code the tracking script, test and deploy.
Teamwork wanted JTF Marketing to review their self-implemented Marketo instance to ensure it met best practice, meanwhile providing ad-hoc Marketo support and best practice recommendations for scaling the tool in areas such as Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing.
As new Marketo users, Taxfiler wanted to understand how to get the most from their Marketo Engage implementation. Rating our training 4.7/5 stars for usefulness, the team have since gone on to build out tokenised best practice Marketo campaigns which they can launch easily.
White Clarke Group have sent a number of their global marketing team to join JTF Marketing's Marketo fundamentals training in London. The team had been maximising Marketo well, but with a few "pro tips" they've saved countless hours in productivity.
SideTrade's global marketing team came to JTF Marketing's Marketo training to gain some insights into what it takes to get certified and prepare them for passing the exam! Full of tips and tricks the team have implemented a number of successful and scalable campaigns since attending the training.
London Business School joined JTF Marketing for Marketo fundamentals training in London. Discovering the best practice configuration of campaigns then led to some adhoc Marketo support on using the platform to better service the needs of the organisation.
CACI asked JTF Marketing to review thier Marketo instance using our Marketo audit & maturity framework. With many business units with different goals the central marketing team wanted an action plan that would make Marketo easier for the team to scale activities, and importantly drive ROI.
Omobono asked JTF Marketing to provide some marketing automation strategy for global pitch that the agency was working on including designing an end to end acquisition program, nurture and reporting structure that would scale for the complex client.
Agent3 asked JTF Marketing to step in and support their internal team with additional marketing automation strategy and marketing operations and support for multiple clients. Additionally the teams have collaborated on a series of complex Marketo integrations and implementations.