IMG Academy cuts email creation time and improves content personalization with JTF Marketing’s email templates.


IMG Academy is the world’s leading sports education brand, offering an innovative suite of on-campus and online experiences, providing growth opportunities for all student-athletes.

With such a diverse portfolio, it’s crucial for IMG to understand their customers’ interests, segment their data and personalize their email content to drive click-through and engagement rates.

Before working with JTF Marketing, IMG was using a third party email template builder. This meant creating an email for every product line and gender.

Countless hours were therefore spent cloning emails, switching out images, updating copy, links, alt text and UTMs, before syncing each email into Marketo.


JTF Marketing recommended transitioning to Marketo email templates to make this process much more efficient.

The IMG team provided their style guide and examples of existing emails and JTF custom-coded modules to make up flexible, IMG-specific branded templates.


By transitioning to Marketo templates built by JTF Marketing, IMG has dramatically reduced the number of hours spent creating emails.

“Using JTF’s email templates, I’m able to work at a much more efficient pace. I use one succinct template in Marketo and make each module dynamic and segmented. It’s really cut down the time that I spend creating and cloning emails and allows me to get a lot more personalized with my messaging. I now have more time to focus on strategic goals”.

IMG has also improved reporting by using email performance reports based on the segments that are used in the email.

“Having access to email performance reports and being able to break them down by segment is crucial to our business because we’re able to see if one product isn’t performing as well as another – all within one succinct report versus pulling dozens of different reports and then trying to sort through them”.

Could email templates enhance your Marketo marketing?