JTF Marketing and Allianz UK Broker Business transform sales and marketing alignment with data and insights from Marketo.


Allianz was facing challenges between the sales and marketing functions which were affecting communication, motivation, performance and ultimately sales.

After deciding on the Marketo investment and approaching Marketo directly, Allianz were told about the difficulties of its desired integration with a highly customised version of SalesForce. Allianz turned to JTF Marketing for a more tailored, hands-on approach.



Despite the size of Allianz Commercial, the project complexity and taking place in the height of the Covid-19 epidemic, the key objectives were achieved within just three months:

  • Replace the existing email platform, Exact Target, with minimal impact and as efficiently as possible
  • Integrate Marketo with its highly customised Salesforce platform
  • Deliver a more personalised digital experience
  • Improve the quality and hygiene of the database to provide better insights and more personalised sales conversations
  • Empower the team to feel more confident on Marketo and work to best practice standards through quality online training
  • A best practice approach combined with an in-house tool, Aromerge, designed specifically for this project, allowed JTF Marketing to carry out an in-depth data hygiene audit and cleansing process.



  • Removing of 11K inactive contacts
  • Removing 37% of data, resulting in a data set of 27,6K valuable records.
  • Email deliverability boost from 47% to 97%
  • 20-30 minutes saved for each marketing email sent
  • A new targeted campaign that created 300 leads for the sales team

About the company 

Allianz Commercial,  a trading division of Allianz Insurance plc, is a market-leading insurance provider that builds important relationships with insurance brokers.  Operating in a competitive market it is crucial that Allianz’s broker communications stand out from their peers’.  

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