JTF Marketing helps Pelion power up its lead generation during a major business transition


When Pelion stepped away from its parent company, it needed to rebuild the Marketo instance it had cloned from Arm—and reintegrate it into a brand new website—in a matter of weeks. But without any Marketo specialists on its lean team, Pelion needed to urgently find a Marketing Ops partner capable of getting them from zero to 100 quickly, and without any disruption to their lead generation.


JTF Marketing stepped in to solve all of Pelion’s Marketo headaches. First, they carried out an audit which honed in on opportunities to make automations and processes more efficient. Next, they took full control of Pelion’s Marketo instance, got a more efficient system up-and-running in weeks, and helped build and run campaigns. JTF also provided Marketo training and delivered ongoing support to optimize lead scoring and lead generation—and maximize the power of Marketo.


Thanks to the operational support and strategic smarts provided by JTF Marketing—and its expertise in upskilling Pelion’s in-house team—the new business is maximizing its marketing performance. With JTF’s experts right behind them, Pelion will continue to optimize lead volume and quality, feed its sales organization with more of what they need, and improve pipeline and revenue further down the track.

About the Company

Pelion is an IoT (internet of things) connected device service provider, with more than 300 employees located across five continents. The company already has more than 500 enterprises using its services.

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