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How Fidelity achieved a successful roll-out within 6 months

Fidelity International


Founded in 1969, Fidelity International specialises in asset management, and is best known for the creation and selling of funds through a variety of business lines. Fidelity provides an array of funds on both a corporate and private scale – from pensions to company investments – while its platform also allows others to create their own funds.

Fidelity’s Asian and European branches have very small, individual markets. As a result, Fidelity’s marketing efforts in these regions were made up of a mixed model of centralised and local teams, with no tools to manage emails and communications. Owing to this, Fidelity had no way to create consolidated campaigns or track feedback and click through rates.


Fidelity struggled to maintain control of their campaigns and decided to deploy the Marketo platform throughout Asia and Europe in order to have the capability to track them and learn from them. The software platform proved a cost effective solution, given the scale of Fidelity’s business and the capabilities that it wanted to roll out globally, whilst still providing the right level of security for the company.

They requested technology support from Marketo, who recommended several companies. After conducting some investigation, Fidelity chose JTF Marketing due to our expertise within the field.

JTF Marketing arrived on the scene to become part of the Fidelity team and became in-house consultants to help in any way possible. The relationship grew as a result of this integration and became a key factor in the success Fidelity has had in delivering this project.


  • Fidelity needed a quick implementation to maximise investment
  • Global scale project through the different business lines and multiple locations
  • JTF Marketing needed to train Fidelity’s team on the software in the short term
  •  On-site support
  • Strong relationship built between the two companies


Fidelity achieved a successful implementation in a six-month period:

  • Fidelity now has much more control over its use of Marketo
  • The company achieved higher levels of transparency around performance and have more connected marketing campaigns than ever
  • They also see immediate results from campaigns without having to wait for weekly or monthly updates from agencies
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