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About Fidelity International

Founded in 1969, Fidelity International provides world class investment solutions and retirement expertise to institutions, individuals and their advisers – to help our clients build better futures for themselves and generations to come.

Fidelity International offers its own investment solutions and access to those of others, and deliver services relating to investing; for individual investors and their advisers they provide guidance to help them invest in a simple and cost-effective way.

For institutions including pension funds, banks and insurance companies Fidelity International offers tailored investment solutions and full-service asset management outsourcing. And for employers we provide workplace pension administration services on top, or independently of, investment management

Offering so many diverse solutions to investors is one of the many reasons why Fidelity International has become such a successful company. However, it also makes for extremely complex internal architecture – especially considering the global scale on which Fidelity acts.


  • Fidelity needed a quick implementation to maximise investment
  • Global scale project through the different business lines and multiple locations
  • JTF Marketing needed to train Fidelity’s team on the software in the short term
  •  On-site support
  • Strong relationship built between the two companies

Transforming digital marketing on a global scale

Fidelity International’s Asian and European branches have a high-touch support model for their individual markets – meeting client needs. As a result, Fidelity’s marketing efforts in these regions utilised a mixed model of centralised and local teams, with varied tools to manage emails and communications. Owing to this, Fidelity had no way to create consolidated campaigns, consistently track feedback, click through rates and other behavioural triggers. Despite their best efforts, the different regions still struggled. On top of this, the UK team had three different email providers and two different web based tracking providers.

Fidelity International decided to deploy the Marketo platform throughout Asia and Europe in order to have the capability to track campaigns and learn from them. The software platform proved a cost effective solution, given the scale of Fidelity’s business and the capabilities that it wanted to roll out globally, whilst still providing the right level of security for the company.

While the global rollout across all business lines and markets was decided upon because of the demand and need for it within the company, Fidelity soon realised that there was no local support within any of the multiple locations to turn the necessary information around fast enough. There simply wasn’t enough time to train employees in Marketo.

“There was so much demand for Marketo, we wanted a global rollout across all business lines – and we wanted it quickly. The trouble was that there was not enough local support in place ahead to meet our demand, and that’s where the problems arrived from.”

“We rolled Marketo out into just under 20 countries. It was tough to find the right balance between implementing it on a global scale and within local markets. Our business units are very different in how they target customers – some are B2B, some are B2C, there are different languages and cultural nuances, these all need to be understood to give local autonomy within a global framework.”

“We went to Marketo asking for help with the technology, and they recommended a few companies to turn to. After investigating, it quickly became clear that JTF Marketing was the obvious consultancy to work with due to its dedication to every client, brilliant track record and expertise within the field.”

Richard Davies

Head of Marketing & Insight, Fidelity International

Partnering for a successful Marketo Engage implementation

“We went to Marketo asking for help with the technology, and they recommended a few companies to turn to. After investigating, it quickly became clear that JTF Marketing was the obvious consultancy to work with due to its dedication to every client, brilliant track record and expertise within the field.”

Turning to JTF Marketing after a recommendation from Marketo, Fidelity hired the marketing automation consultancy to help solve this problem; to train workers in the software and to provide local support to the company.

JTF Marketing arrived on the scene to become part of the Fidelity team, becoming in-house consultants to help in any way possible. The relationship grew as a result of this integration and became a key factor in the success Fidelity has had in delivering this project.
The level of comfort that developed between the two businesses means that consultancy over general enquiries becomes much easier to go through, and neither party is afraid to give honest opinions in discussions. JTF Marketing has learned what works for Fidelity, and the consultancy’s experience in the field allows it to offer insight into how different ideas would actually perform when put into practice. This industry knowledge has played a major role in developing Fidelity’s marketing campaigns.

Whilst working as on-site marketing consultants to Fidelity, JTF Marketing also actively teaches the marketing team how to get the most out of Marketo’s applications, training new employees and helping the company to optimise its use of the technology.

One concrete example of the contribution made by JTF Marketing was in the rollout of GDPR. The team helped to build the necessary campaigns, developing the infrastructure behind the scenes. Hugely supportive, JTF Marketing acted fast and efficiently, tweaking the data structure when needed in order to get the best results possible.

An honest and transparent relationship

As a result of the project, Fidelity now has much more control over its use of Marketo – giving it more transparency around performance and more connected marketing campaigns than the company has ever experienced before. No longer does Fidelity have to rely on weekly or monthly updates from agencies, and it is instead seeing immediate results from campaigns.

“We’re still in the early stages of using Marketo, but the JTF Marketing team has come in and helped us develop our marketing efforts, and arriving in-house, they’ve become a part of Fidelity. The relationship built there has become so important.”

“It’s a very honest relationship. If something won’t work, the team will tell us, and vice versa; if it’s something that Fidelity doesn’t need, we are comfortable enough to tell them no – and this has become a huge part of our success together.”

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