Outline and optimise the path to success

Marketo’s Revenue Lifecycle Modeller automates lead movement through your sales funnel. It’s simple to use, improves over time, and results are easily presented in board meetings.


Step away from the spreadsheets

We’ve all seen page after page on spreedsheets, flip-charts and whiteboards that try to track what leads are doing as they move through the sales funnel.

There’s no more long-winded way than showing customer journey stages than by doing it that way, for 3 reasons:

  • By the time you’ve managed to lay all the data out, it’s outdated
  • No one understands how it fits together as a whole
  • The amount of time spent on it far outstrips how long you show it for

That’s where the Marketo Revenue Cycle Model (RCM) comes into play.

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Build in better visibility over your sales funnel


See real-time conversion data at a click


Segments of your database that fall into a stage of your buying cycle.


A Service Level Agreement: a timeframe where a revenue model stage is expected to advance, e.g. activation within 24 hours, or sales follow-up within 72 hours.


A filtering mechanism where we are qualifying the lead in or out of an action. E.g. what warrants an automated vs. in-person sales follow up, or a step that disqualifies certain leads from the next step.


Build live customer journeys and identify sticking points

Segmenting your entire database with progress stages, focusing marketing and sales efforts

Improving lead management and SLA enforcement, boosting alignment

Increasing the focus on driving revenue and how certain activities impact the customer experience

Tracking acquisition and retention efforts to ensure they’re driving results

Better understanding of the buying cycle within your business

Immediate visibility within just a few weeks of the model going live. Optimisation and tweaks as the model gathers your ongoing customer journey data will refine it further.

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Pill-Campaign Stratetgy

Why work with JTF Marketing?

We understand the nuances, milestones, and data required at each stage of the customer journey.

And we’ve helped our customers set up and manage all kinds of revenue models, whether they need single-stream acquisition models to multi-campaign monsters.

By using our services, you know that your model will be built to best-practice standards by certified experts.


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