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Marketing performance is the focus of pretty much most Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), and with budgets getting tighter and resource pools pretty stagnant we’ve been turning to marketing technology to improve of efficiencies and results.

Spending more to get more just won’t cut it!

Marketers are under pressure to build complex revenue models to understand if their campaigns are actually driving Marketing ROI or not, and we are all too familiar with the spreadsheet template to forecast results. But proving the model need not be so complex, that’s where Marketo Revenue Cycle Model (RCM) comes into play — that of course being subject to you having the tool!

Marketo Revenue Cycle Modeler is a feature of the Marketo Engage platform that helps marketers communicate to C-Suite, sales leaders and other stakeholders the impact of Marketing in commercial language. Demonstrating insights into the customer journey, customer experience and offer area for improvement.

What is Marketo revenue cycle model (RCM)?

When we think about customer journey we often think of something drawn on a whiteboard and something that we don’t know sufficient detail about. Marketo Revenue Cycle Modeler puts your hard work on customer journey mapping into practice.

Revenue Cycle Model are built up of a range of stages that follow the “path to success” which is the green line on the screenshot to the left. Revenue Cycle Models are built from three key elements:

  • Inventory – we often talk of audiences being “buckets” or “pots” this is exactly that, it’s a segment of your database that are at a certain stage in the buying cycle.
  • SLA – is what we talk about in business all the time Service Level Agreement, this is a timeframe where the revenue model is expecting something to happen i.e. activation within 24 hours, or lead follow up by sales within 72 etc.
  • Finally, Gate – is a filtering mechanism where we are qualifying the lead in or out for example of maybe it’s the difference between automates sales follow up, and in-person follow up.

The important part here is that all of these stages are build from data points stored within Marketo, and Revenue Cycle Modeler allows you to build your personalised customer journey.

5 ways it improves your marketing performance

Once in place Revenue Cycle Modeler allows marketers to build live customer journeys and identify pain points or corrections that are required to enhance the customer journey. Just a few benefits are:

  • Segmenting your entire database by revenue stages to help focus marketing and sales efforts
  • Improved lead management and SLA enforcement boosting sales and marketing alignment
  • Increases the businesses focus on driving revenue and why certain activities impact the customer experience
  • Track acquisition and retention efforts to ensure they’re driving results
  • Drives improved understanding of the buying cycle within your business

Why let us implement?

  • Fully managed set-up and configuration – we’ve been responsible for a number of large and small marketing automation implementations – and guess what, we’re pretty good at them.
  • Live in less than 45 days – MAPs aren’t that complex to implement, if you know how, we’ll get you up and running in less than 45 days making sure you’ve progress updates along the way.
  • Avoid all the pitfalls – having managed dozens of implementations (and rescued a few), we know where implementations go wrong, and we’ll make sure you don’t do them.
  • Personalised to your business – we’ll make sure you have everything in place to get you up and running, including best practice campaign example, role-specific training and on-hand guidance.
  • More cost-effective – with our marketing automation implementations, your staff get more time with certified experts which allows you to ensure the best practice is implemented from day one!

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