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Easily export your data from Marketo Engage on any schedule

Get your data where you need it, whenever you need it to be there.

This tool is your future go-to for sending data to reporting dashboards, CRMs, and other systems.

Shouldn’t there be an easier way to export your data on a schedule?

Marketo Engage doesn’t give you an easy way to send your data to other systems and tools.

  • What if you want to create a reporting dashboard that stays up to date with data from Marketo?
  • What if a contact changes their privacy settings but your CRM and other systems don’t know about it?
  • What if you need to update your CRM or other systems with specific data from Marketo Engage on a regular basis?

Without a recurring data feed from Marketo Engage, you have to export your data manually. Over and over again.


Automatically export your Marketo Engage data on a recurring schedule

Aromerge Data Extractor™ makes it easy to create a recurring data feed out of Marketo Engage. So you can put your data wherever you need it, whenever you need it to be there.

  • Create reporting dashboards that stay current with your Marketo data
  • Send specific data from Marketo to your CRM and other systems
  • Create one-way integrations with tools that have no native integrations with Marketo
Easy data exports from Marketo Engage

Create your recurring data feed in 3 simple steps

Connect your Marketo Engage instance

Choose to export Person or Activity data

Run once or set a schedule for recurring data extraction

You can also...

  • Export data within 5 minutes of your scheduled transfer
  • Set a transfer limit so you don’t go over your Marketo Engage API allowance
  • Get in-app instructions to guide you through the process (without the need for help from your IT team)
  • Your data stays secure — Aromerge™ simply transfers your data, storing nothing on our systems
  • Specially designed for Marketo Engage — built by certified Marketo Engage Solutions Architects

Never pull another manual report

Let one of our experts show you
how Aromerge Data Extractor™ works in just 15 minutes

  • Get answers to your questions
  • Help with setup and onboarding available
  • Bonus: Get a free data hygiene report to see the overall health of your data

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aromerge™ automates some of the most tedious Marketo tasks.

When you get started, you’ll get access to all 3 of these Aromerge™ products:

  • Aromerge Dedupe™: Merge duplicate records automatically
  • Aromerge Data Loader™: Create a recurring data feed into Marketo Engage
  • Aromerge Data Extractor™: Create a recurring data feed out of Marketo Engage

Pricing is based on the size of your Marketo Engage database, and starts at £598 / year. For more pricing details, get a demo.

Where does the exported file go?

When you set up your data extraction, you’ll tell Aromerge Data Extractor™ where to upload your file. You can choose an SFTP server, an S3 bucket or any other location.

Many tools — including reporting tools — can automatically receive your file and import its data.

Data Extractor creates CSV files.

Aromerge needs an API user that can read, write, merge and update records. This access is what allows Data Extractor to export your data.

Do you offer any support?

Yes! Simply get a demo and we’ll gladly help you get started. We’re also available for on-going support if you need it.

Yes! Simply get a demo and we’ll gladly help you get started. We’re also available for on-going support if you need it.