iomart saves days on email program builds and increases clickthrough rate by 3% in Marketo


iomart is a cloud computing and IT managed services business providing secure hybrid cloud, network connectivity, data management, and digital workplace capability.

iomart originally worked with an implementation partner to implement Marketo, and they were left with a platform that was awkward to use, very complicated, and they weren’t getting the best value from it.

Talking to their Adobe account manager, they were told this is quite common, and Adobe recommended that iomart bring in the team at JTF Marketing to conduct an audit of their Marketo instance.



The team from JTF marketing came in to run a standard Marketo audit. iomart provided access to their instance, and two weeks later JTF Marketing presented back a set of recommendations.

Based on these recommendations, the JTF Marketing team helped iomart to refine their workflow, improved their database hygiene, and also provided updated, flexible email templates.

The services provided by JTF included a Marketo audit, training, data hygiene, email and program templates, and ongoing consultancy.



  • By transitioning to branded, flexible email templates and custom program templates built by JTF Marketing, iomart’s email program build time reduced from 2-3 days to 10 minutes:

“Working with the team at JTF allowed us to refine our workflow. I actually timed it, the last time we ran a program, and it was 10 minutes from start to finish. Whereas before, and I’m not exaggerating, it would probably take us two or three days to go through that level of detail. So there’s a considerable time saving there.”


  • As a result of the improvements to data quality that were made based on JTF Marketing’s audit suggestions, iomart saw a 3% increase in click through rates:

“Given the improvements we were able to make on the data quality, which has a downstream impact on our deliverability and open rates, we were able to show a 3% increase in click through rates from our email activity post-implementing the recommendations and templates that JTF provided us.”


  • The iomart team is now able to spend more time on strategic activities:

“JTF allowed us then, to spend more time on strategic activities rather than functional and tactical activity.”

“If I was to sum JTF up in three words, it would be supportive, responsive, and helpful.”

“We never felt that we couldn’t ask even the daft questions, and we would get a sensible and effective answer back from them.”

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