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Drive additional ROI by reviewing the results of your Marketo audit

Marketo audit is the best way to understand how to squeeze more value from Marketo if you’ve had the platform for some time. There is no denying it, Marketo is a powerful tool, but most users are only using a fraction of their marketing automation platform capabilities.

Don’t get stuck at level one!

The Marketo maturity curve has been a useful tool for many marketers but it doesn’t mean that you’ve got best practice marketing automation.

For most users they’re still stuck at level one of the Marketo maturity curve. Put simply thats batch and blast email, simple segmentation, limited trigger usage and maybe a form and landing page thrown in there too!

marketo audit
Marketo maturity curve

Going beyond level one isn’t so tricky, however if you want to build a scalable marketo deployment you’ll need to develop a marketing automation roadmap that will help prioritise where to begin.

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marketo audit

Why get a professional Marketo audit?

There is a lot of Marketo audit guides on the internet, and they’re all good at different things, but nothing beats getting an unbiased opinion on what you’ve got, and importantly how you can improve.

With our Marketo audit we’ll be able to help you:

  • Understand your Marketo maturity curve level and identify any blockers to maturity
  • Our Marketo audit will also identify ways in which you can improve the usage of your current licence
  • Potentially you’ll find opportunities to reduce costs of your platform
  • We’ll also identify any knowledge and Marketo training requirements that will help you upskill your team
  • We’ll give you insight into the utilisation of the Marketo platform

Best of all our team of highly-experienced, Marketo-certified experts listen to your needs, look at your current platform and applications, and evaluate how well your platform is working based on your business objectives so you get more out of the platform applications you have and boost your marketing ROI.

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What does the Marketo audit cover?

Depending on the type of Marketo audit you choose there are a number of areas we look at. With that said they can be summarised into these high level Marketo audit categories:

  • High level maturity assessment – this is where we kick off your Marketo audit by reviewing the different types of campaigns you’ve been running, the different application of features and importantly what you’ve paid to access in Marketo
  • Marketo technical configuration and integration review – this part of the Marketo audit covers not only email and landing page templates, but importantly looks to see if your Marketo instance is configured to best practice standard ensuring top email deliverability
  • Marketo administration review – as Marketo is typically a marketing owned platform more often than not this is a neglected area of Marketo. Our Marketo audit will review your security controls, permissions and configurations for communication volume and campaign types
  • Marketo campaign performance – if you’re focusing on reporting and ROI this will help you identify what is working and what isn’t in Marketo. We’ll review your campaign performance in-line with industry benchmarks
  • Reporting – in addition our Marketo audit will review the application of reporting tools in Marketo such as Marketo Revenue Modeler which can help you demonstrate fiscal return from Marketo.
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marketo audit
marketo audit

Curious about your data hygiene?

In addition to looking at how you’re using Marketo, as part of our Marketo audit we’ll also review your data hygiene in Marketo and your connected CRM. Our data hygiene report will breakdown your database into actionable insights such as:

  • Ways to reduce your database volume to either cut costs on licence fee, or make room for new contact growth
  • Identify any contacts with empty email addresses that are costing you money
  • Review the database for duplicate contact volumes that are affecting your Marketing ROI
  • Amongst many other data points that can boost performance or reduce costs.

Your marketing automation maturity roadmap

Our Marketo audit will give you a roadmap for Marketo maturity with the recommendations you need to understand where you are now and how to use your automation platform to its fullest potential so that you can continue to grow along the maturity scale. Your audit will include detailed analysis on:

  • How much of your platform features you are using, and at what level of maturity
  • A breakdown of the maturity, features accessed, and features used
  • An overview of how you are using your platform at each stage (from top of the funnel to bottom of the funnel) and across your systems
marketo audit
marketo audit

Which audit is right for me?

Marketo Free Audit (free)

We’ll look under the hood of your instance, taking into account the features you have purchased and how extensively you are using them. Then, we’ll check and provide recommendations on areas such as email and landing page templates, deliverability, and CRM integration.

Marketo Lite Audit (£2995 + VAT)

We’ll go further into your instance and review your current use versus best practice. We’ll review your CRM integration and user setup at this stage, and you’ll get a Marketing Automation Maturity Audit (as above) plus a documented Best Practice Implementation Action Plan.

Marketo Extensive Audit (£4995 + VAT)

Our deepest dive into your Marketo instance – you’ll get all of the features of our Marketo Lite Audit, plus reporting and ROI and reviews of your campaign types and setup, as well as a full Marketo package review. You’ll get a Best Practice Implementation Action Plan, a Marketing Automation Maturity Assessment, and an Action Plan to reach desired maturity level.

Customised Marketo Audit

Do you have a specific area of your instance that you’d like to optimise? We can help you maximise any other processes or features that you need to optimise so you can reach your objectives.

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