Find your best opportunities to increase your ROI from Marketo

Cut costs. Improve reporting. Fix problems. Build efficiency.

And finally – get the ROI you want from Marketo.

Free, paid and custom audits available

If any of this sounds like you, it's time to get your roadmap and audit

  • You’re not sure you’re getting the value you wanted from Marketo.
  • You want to find ways to reduce your platform costs.
  • Your renewal is coming up and you want to know what you need and what you don’t.
  • You want to see what features you’re paying for that you aren’t using.
  • You want an objective 3rd-party to give you feedback on your progress compared to other companies.
  • You’ve inherited Marketo from a predecessor and need help making sense of where things stand.
  • You face internal pressure to justify your spend on Marketo.
  • You have a specific challenge, like poor email delivery rates, problematic templates or lacklustre reporting.
  • You want to know exactly what to do next to maximize your ROI from Marketo.


See the exact actions you can take to solve your challenges and meet your objectives

  • Get an action list prioritized by effort and impact. So you can choose the best next action.
  • Find ways to reduce your platform costs.
  • See what you’re paying for that you aren’t using. And save money at your next contract renewal.
  • See where you are on the Marketo maturity curve. And get recommendations for how to advance.
  • Get a holistic view of where your martech stack stands.
  • Discover how other organisations maximise their ROI.
  • Solve your unique challenges. From poor email deliverability, to underwhelming reports, to bad landing page & email templates.
  • Get expert guidance on what to do next to reach your goals faster.
Free, paid and custom audits available


Your audit checks everything that could be holding you back from getting the ROI you want

After discussing your unique challenges and objectives, we’ll dive into your Marketo instance to begin your audit.

Depending on the level of audit you choose, we’ll review some or all of the following:


See how much value you’re getting versus what you’re paying

Your audit kicks off with a Maturity Assessment.

We’ll review:

  • The different types of campaigns you run
  • Which features and functions you’re using
  • Which features and functions you’re paying for

This assessment gives you a high-level overview that helps you understand if you’re paying more than you should. Or if you have opportunities to grow your ROI by using key features and functions you aren’t using already.


Uncover the technical issues that kill your ROI

Inaccurate reports.

Emails that don’t get delivered.

Landing page and email templates that take your team hours to format – and still look untrustworthy when leads view them on mobile.

No matter how your technical challenges manifest, they all hurt your ability to predict and grow your ROI.

This review checks 148 different issues your instance may have. So you can fix the technical issues that stop you from getting the ROI your organisation wants to see.


Finally get Marketo to tell you what works and what doesn’t

You were promised a marketing automation platform that tells you what’s working and what isn’t.

It’s entirely possible, but it only works if your instance is configured properly. That’s what we look for in this review.

In addition to your configurations for different campaign types, we’ll also review your security controls and permissions.

Does everyone have the permissions they need to be effective in their work? Does anyone have permissions that put you at risk?


Optimise your campaigns to get more leads and revenue

How are your campaigns performing?

Is the configuration overly complicated?

Are you still stuck running reactive “batch and blast” campaigns instead of the always-on life-cycle marketing you envisioned?

We’ll review your campaign performance inline with industry benchmarks. And give you recommendations that will optimise your campaigns for more leads and revenue.


Actually see the ROI of your marketing

You know Marketo is capable of answering your most important questions:

  • What’s working? What isn’t?
  • Where should your team spend its time?
  • What kind of fiscal returns should we expect for each campaign?

The challenge is in getting Marketo to actually do it. That’s where we come in.

In this review, we’ll check your reporting tools and show you how to get Marketo to tell you what you need to know.

Free, paid and custom audits available.


Your ROI-boosting insights
and recommended actions

When your audit is complete, we’ll go over your reports with you to discuss your insights and answer your questions.

Depending on the level of audit you choose, we’ll review some or all of the following:


Save money on your next renewal

Marketo isn’t cheap. That’s why you shouldn’t pay for anything your organisation doesn’t use.

Your subscription review includes suggestions for what you can remove from your next contract — without losing value.


Poor data hygiene cost one company $80,000 / year

How much is poor data hygiene costing you?

Since you pay by the volume of leads in your database, bad contacts — like duplicates and blank email addresses — can add up quickly.

Here’s what we’ll review in your Marketo instance and connected CRM:

  • Ways to reduce your database volume to either cut costs on licence fee, or make room for new contact growth
  • Identify any contacts with empty email addresses that are costing you money
  • Review the database for duplicate contact volumes that are affecting your marketing ROI


See exactly what you should do next by priority

Your roadmap for Marketo maturity shows you the path forward to grow your ROI from Marketo.

Your recommendations are sorted by impact and level of effort, so you can prioritise your course of action. And get some quick wins before moving forward.

Your audit will include detailed analysis, including:

  • A breakdown of the platform features you’re using and at what level of maturity
  • An overview of how you’re using your platform at each stage (from top-of-funnel to bottom) and across your systems
  • Your recommended actions sorted by impact and effort
Free, paid and custom audits available.


Why there’s no better team to help you get more value from Marketo

From FTSE 100s to dynamic startups, teams of all sizes have maximised their Marketo investment by working with JTF Marketing.

The team is led by Founder James T Fletcher — one of only ~150 Marketo Certified Solutions Architects in the entire world.

Our team brings you deep strategic and technical knowledge based on tens of thousands of hours of hands-on experience with companies like yours.

We know how those little technical details connect to your high-level marketing strategy. And vice versa.

We’ve seen hundreds of Marketo instances, fixed thousands of challenges and helped our clients grow revenue by millions.

James T Fletcher

“What happens after the
audit and roadmap?”

When your audit is complete, we’ll help you decide what to do next.

For each action, you can:

  • Do it yourself. Some issues and opportunities are simple enough that you can tackle them on your own.
  • Let us do it for you. You may prefer to outsource some actions to us. In that case, we’re happy to implement for you.
  • Get training. It’s not always about the technology — sometimes it’s about skill gaps. We’ll show you what training is best for your team based on their skill level and your goals.
  • Deprioritize it. You don’t have to do everything at once. Your roadmap sorts recommendations by impact and effort, so you’ll know which actions can wait.

You’re just 2 weeks away from knowing exactly how to maximise your ROI from Marketo

Get insights and recommendations that:

  • Cut costs
  • Improve reporting
  • Increase efficiency
  • Remove bottlenecks
  • Prioritize actions
  • Make sense of your platform
  • Pinpoint technical issues
  • Optimize campaigns
  • Put you on the path to growth

“The audit really gave us insight into how well we use Marketo & wider MarTech. It inspired us to host an “art of the possible” workshop with JTF Marketing to fuel our team with new ideas and a pathway towards improved campaigns, customer engagement and business outcomes.”

Amanda Peck

VP, Marketing & Int'l Sales, McGraw-Hill

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