JTF Marketing Helps Renishaw Develop Marketing Automation Maturity and Capture 4,000 Qualified Leads


Having successfully deployed Marketo Engage, Renishaw wanted to use the platform to automate key aspects of the customer experience, customize campaigns, and better qualify prospects. But they quickly realized they had more questions than answers about the complex platform. Not to mention, they needed to onboard 38 users across the globe before they could genuinely improve the maturity of their marketing automation.


Renishaw partnered with JTF Marketing, who quickly proved their value as leading MarTech experts. JTF launched a global, standardized training program, which created an army of experienced users ready to deliver automated marketing experiences to prospects. JTF also carried out an audit of Renishaw’s existing ecosystem, helped them build out a marketing automation strategy driven by data, goals, and revenue—and provided support, coaching, and consultancy along the way.


Because JTF took the lead on training, Renishaw accelerated learning company-wide and saved 100s of hours of work for its central marketing team. With so much resource freed up, they had time and headspace for more future planning, and rolled out more global programs within the platform. Renishaw saw a profound improvement in the output of its marketing activities. In one example, they achieved 4,000 qualified new leads through webinar activity alone—a scale of lead capture that would never have been possible without Marketo and JTF.

About the company

Renishaw is one of the world’s leading engineering and scientific technology companies, with expertise in precision measurement and healthcare.

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