ShipServ is the leading marine eProcurement platform for ship operators and suppliers.

Following a period of successful growth, ShipServ’s database grew to over 95% of their Marketo licence cost.

Having first enrolled on our training courses, and subsequently used our Marketo Engage consultancy services, ShipServ asked JTF Marketing to take on the challenge of reducing the overall database size without impacting their core campaigns.


In order to understand the best course of action for the business’ requirements, we created a personalised data hygiene report for ShipServ that highlighted the current state of their database. This provided a list of actionable steps and recommendations for reducing the size of their database, including always-on data governance and mass Marketo Dedupe.


  • Reduced the used database size by 52%, saving on costly licence renewal
  • Improved the marketable database capacity by removing invalid records
  • Set up always-on data governance programs
  • Enabled always-on mass Marketo Dedupe