Marketo deduplication: automated and always-on

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James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


Data deduplication is the process of eliminating excessive copies of data, in many cases email addresses, names and other details. On average, 25% of all records within Marketo Engage are duplicates!

However, removing duplicate records manually in Marketo Engage is no easy feat. It can be a tedious, manual job – removing contact by contact, week after week. Read on to learn more about automated Marketo deduplication.

Why is deduplicating your Marketo database so important?

  1. Duplicates bloat your database and as a result, your licence fee. Removing unwanted, repeated contacts frees up space and saves money.
  2. Duplicate data can skew results and reporting, and portray an inaccurate representation of potential opportunities.
  3. Contact duplicates can affect customer experience if they violate communication and privacy preferences.

What are the limitations of Marketo Engage’s built-in dedupe capabilities?

  1. Limitations around configuring and defining the criteria to dedupe leads can make it a very long-winded process.
  2. Marketo automatically deduplicates leads based on email address, but this only happens when users enter them into Marketo from a Marketo form, import them from a list, create them directly through APIs, or enter them directly into the database. This limitation means that many leads can fall through the net.
  3. Sales teams can create duplicates due to the CRM system not linking up with the deduplication process taking place in Marketo.
  4. Deduplication does not take place on the first sync; this means your database must be pristine and dupe-free before implementing the platform.
  5. The system updates records based on how recent they are, with no flexibility for prioritization.

The limitations and headaches for Marketo users led us to build our own always-on deduplication service.

So what is a managed deduplication service?

Managed deduplication replaces the manual process of merging individual duplicate records with an automated, always-on solution that uses match criteria defined by you on a recurring schedule; one-time, daily, weekly, monthly or custom to find and remove duplicates.

The good news: we can do this all for you!

So how does this look in practice? Our approach to setting up the service is:

  1. Data assessment
  2. Rules definition
  3. Rules set-up and testing
  4. Initial run & scheduling

You will then receive monthly reporting on your overall database health, and support to make sure your database is achieving the Adobe customer success benchmark of 80% marketable database or more!

Sound interesting? Let one of our experts show you how it works, answer your questions and set up any onboarding.

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