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Getting more from Marketo - what's next on your digitalisation journey?

How do you know if you're utilising Marketo to its full potential?
With so many powerful features and capabilities, it's difficult to gauge whether your data, processes and campaigns are set up to achieve maximum ROI - and whether you could be doing more with your platform.

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The possibilities for campaign automation, personalisation and lead nurturing in Marketo are endless, but how do you progress from simply building the same programs repeatedly to utilising more sophisticated automation?

In this webinar, we look at how to assess your current utilisation of Marketo and build a digital roadmap to gradually use more and more of Marketo’s features – based on your specific marketing goals.

In 30 minutes, James will cover:

  • Assessing your utilisation of Marketo using the Marketo Maturity Model
  • Quick wins to get more value from Marketo
  • Building a digital roadmap to more sophisticated automation

Get answers to your questions. Get more from your Marketo.


Marketo Expert

James T Fletcher

CEO & Marketo Certified Solutions Architect