Marketo Fundamentals

Access to self-paced online Adobe Marketo Engage training for Beginners, including mentoring and support by certified consultants. Price is per person.

Access: Self-paced   Duration: 7 days   Difficulty: Beginner

  • 9 video demos
  • 7 step-by-step tutorials
  • 8 quizzes
  • 4 real-world skill checks


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What you'll learn

This self-paced, skills-based course will have you running campaigns with confidence in as few as 7 days.

  • Sending email campaigns
  • Best practice standards
  • Segmentation of the database
  • Utilising smart campaigns
  • Building forms
  • Launch landing pages quickly
  • Understand your ROI with cost periods
  • Master the fundamentals of reporting
  • Build events and webinars
  • Get your skills reviewed by an expert

Master your fundamental Marketo skills in 10 modules

Module 1

Master the fundamentals of email marketing

The question every Marketo user wonders at some point:
“Am I doing this right?”
A complex interface + Marketo jargon is a recipe for overwhelm. This module will help you look at Marketo as a tool that helps automate manual work rather than an obstacle that makes work harder.

In this module:

  • Demystify the Marketo Interface and jargon so it becomes familiar instead of overwhelming
  • Understand how Marketo tracks the customer journey
  • Learn the 3 basic asset types you’ll use again and again
  • Save yourself hours of manual work with Smart Lists, Smart Campaigns and Cloning
Module 2

Create programs to best practice standards

Every Marketo user worries about making big, public mistakes. This module will help you put those concerns to rest.

In this module:

  • Discover the “no fail” way to send an email that we’ve been using for years
  • Best practices for naming your programs
  • How to use tokens to personalize your programs
  • Skill check: Build an email program based on a brief. We’ll review your work and give you feedback. So you know you’re building programs the right way.
Module 3

How to use Smart Lists to save yourself hours of manual work

If you aren’t using Smart Lists – or aren’t using them properly – you’re wasting time with manual work that Marketo is designed to automate.

In this module:

  • Create segments and reports faster with smart lists
  • How to use Smart List Rule Logic to quickly segment your audience
  • Step-by-step best practices for formatting static lists
  • Skill check: Format and upload a list to best practice standards. We’ll review your work and give you feedback.
Module 4

How to run Smart Campaigns like an expert

Smart Campaigns drive all activities in Marketo. Without Smart Campaigns, it would be nearly impossible to target the correct audience.

If you want to become great at Marketo, pay special attention to this module. Everything else you do with Marketo depends on your ability to run Smart Campaigns.

In this module:

  • How to run a Smart Campaign
  • The 3 main components of a Smart Campaign
  • How to drag and drop Filters and Triggers to segment your audience by behavior and the data in your CRM
  • What to check for to make sure you’ve segmented your audience correctly (so you don’t send it to the wrong people)
  • Shortcuts to build Smart Campaigns faster
  • Skill check: Build a smart campaign. We’ll check your work and give you feedback.
Module 5


Build forms to best practice standards

Make your forms look and behave the exact way you need them to.

In this module:

  • How to add form fields
  • How to edit your form’s style and apply themes
  • The crucial difference between display values and stored values
  • How to use logic to dynamically display additional fields (e.g., when the user selects U.S. as their country, show a dropdown field to choose a state)
  • How to use hidden fields and UTMs to track leads through the customer journey
Module 6

Build best practice landing pages quickly

If you know the right way to build landing pages in Marketo, you’ll save yourself a ton of time. Plus you’ll know how to optimize your landing pages so more people find them.

In this module:

  • How to use modular templates to quickly customize your landing page
    Best practices for editing HTML (so you don’t run into formatting headaches)
  • How to add forms to your landing pages
  • How to maintain brand consistency on your landing pages
  • The difference between free-form and Guided Landing Pages (and why we recommend you stick to only one)
  • How to optimise your page for SEO with keywords and more
Module 7

Ensure accurate reporting with Period Costs

Most companies buy Marketo so they can predict and prove the return of their marketing efforts. Period Costs are what make this possible.

If you don’t use period costs correctly, you can’t produce accurate reports. Which means your stakeholders won’t get the information they wanted from Marketo in the first place.

If Period Costs seem confusing, don’t worry — this module breaks it all down.

In this module:

  • How Period Costs help your team prove their contribution to the business
  • The simple way to add Period Costs so your stakeholder’s reports are accurate
  • Which costs you should include and which you should exclude
Module 8

Master the fundamentals of reporting

What’s the point of a campaign with great results if you don’t have the right reports to prove it?

It’s time to master the basics of reporting.

In this module:

  • Get an overview of the different reports available
  • How to build and save reports for specific programs
  • How to build reports faster with Smart Lists
  • How to export reports into other formats
  • How to customise list views so reports look the way you want them to
  • How to create subscriptions to share reports with your stakeholders
Module 9

Build events and webinars to best practice standards

Webinars and other events are great for driving leads through your funnel.

This module shows you how to build events to best practice standards. With some time-saving tips and tricks to cut out any manual work.

In this module:

  • The 3 main components you need to build a Smart Campaign
  • Best practices to add and organize your assets
  • How to use Cloning to build events faster
  • How to build Smart Campaigns within your event
  • How to plan a sequence of emails with follow ups and reminders
  • How to use Smart Lists to keep an updated list of attendees
  • The right way to build an event for accurate reporting
  • Expert tips, tricks and things to look out for
Module 10

Get your fundamental Marketo skills reviewed by an expert

Module 10 is a skill check that puts all your new knowledge to the test.

In this module, you’ll build a webinar event based on a real-life scenario. You’ll build emails, landing pages, forms and reports — all the pieces you need to launch a real webinar.

We’ll review your work and let you know how you did.

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you’re ready to run real campaigns with confidence.

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So who needs Marketo Fundamentals?

  • If you want to run campaigns with confidence in as little as 7 days, you need Marketo Fundamentals.
  • If you’re brand new to Marketo and don’t want to have a mild panic attack every time you hit SEND or ACTIVATE, you need Marketo Fundamentals.
  • If you want to develop your Marketo skills to put your career on the fast-track, you need Marketo Fundamentals.
  • If you ever work in Marketo and wonder, “Am I doing this right?”, you need Marketo Fundamentals.
  • If you want to get your fundamental skills checked by experts, you need Marketo Fundamentals.
  • If you’re ready, we look forward to helping your master the fundamentals and run campaigns with confidence.

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There are 3 ways this training helps you run campaigns with confidence that other courses don’t:

1. Structure: Other courses will give you bits and pieces of knowledge. But there’s no structure to help you master each fundamental skill. Marketo Fundamentals is not only structured to help you master the basics – it’s also self-paced. That means you can return to it over and over, and apply it to your day-to-day work.

2. True expertise: Marketo is all we do. We’re in the trenches every day, helping people from different companies make the most of Marketo. We’ve seen hundreds of different instances and hundreds of different challenges. We’ve earned every Marketo battle scar we have.

3. Feedback: Other courses can tell you what to do. Only Marketo Fundamentals can tell you if you’re doing it right.

Do I need access to Marketo to take the course?
You learn best by doing – not just watching someone else. That’s why we recommend this training only if you have access to Marketo at your company. When you build your skill checks in Marketo, you’ll want to create a test folder where you can practice your skills.

The training is self-paced, so it’s entirely up to you. If you work on it each day, you can finish it in a week. Even at a slower pace, most students finish the course within 1 month.

Many students get their employers to pay for this training. To help you start this conversation, download a PDF with the course syllabus.

There are two things you’ll want to check to ensure you get the most out of this training:

  1. That your Marketo instance has Modular Email Templates (this feature is necessary for building emails to best practice standards… and making your work faster and easier)
  2. That your Marketo instance has Guided Landing pages (again, to ensure best practice standards)

Technical skills are not a prerequisite for this course. If you have the willingness to learn and a pinch of curiosity, then you have everything you need to take this course.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals covered in the training, we have no doubt that you’ll feel completely confident building and running your campaigns.

Here’s what you get when you buy our Marketo Fundamentals course:

  • 10 modules that build your foundational Marketo skills set
  • 10 demos where experts show you how to build programs, reports, etc.
  • 7 tutorials that break best practice processes down into steps
  • 8 quizzes to ensure you understand the material before you move on
  • 4 expert-reviewed skill checkss that put your new knowledge to the test

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Adam Kemlo

Adam’s clients call him “Mr Nice Guy” because he does whatever it takes to make sure their needs are met.

Adam’s background in marketing and his deep CRM expertise allows him to help clients with a broad range of challenges – even beyond Marketo.

Marketo Consultant JTF Marketing Adobe Marketo Engage
Alba Clerigues Abel

Alba hails from sunny Spain, leading training and service delivery for our Spanish-speaking clients.

Having started off in marketing, she brings that knowledge and experience to her current work as a consultant. Alba loves working with Marketo Engage nearly as much as she loves her dog!

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