Marketo for Intermediates

Access to self-paced online Adobe Marketo Engage training for Intermediates, including mentoring and support by certified consultants. Price is per person.

Access: Self-paced   Duration: 7 days   Difficulty: Intermediate

  • 10 video demos
  • 18 step-by-step tutorials
  • 6 quizzes
  • 4 real-world skill checks
  • 1 Marketo Certified Professional mock exam


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What you'll learn

You have the fundamentals of Marketo Engage down. You can build emails, landing pages, forms and events. You can get campaigns out the door.

Good work getting your skills to this level — Marketo is no simple tool!

Moving onto our Intermediate course, you’ll learn the things a Marketo Pro needs to know.

  • How to use tokens to dramatically cut campaign build time
  • How to use filters & triggers to target the right people and increase conversions
  • How to run A/B tests to optimise your results
  • How the lead database really works
  • How SFDC and Marketo work together
  • How to make Marketo do your work for you
  • Run more sophisticated smart campaigns that get better results in less time
  • Deliver reports that tell the story your stakeholders need to hear

Become a Marketo pro in 13 Modules

Module 1

Build campaigns faster

Imagine you just built an event campaign. Then you learn that the location, time and speaker have all changed.

Without tokens, you’d have to update every asset manually. Say goodbye to your lunch break.

With tokens? You can make the update in a few clicks.

In this module:

  • Step-by-step guide for building campaigns faster with tokens
  • The different types of tokens and when to use them
  • 70+ common person and company tokens you should know about
Module 2

Optimise your campaigns for conversions

A/B testing is the gift that keeps on giving. Because A/B tests reveal insights that make your future campaigns more successful.

Plus, A/B testing is an in-demand skill that more and more marketing teams want.

In this module:

  • Step-by-step guide for running A/B tests on your emails and landing pages
  • Expert recommendations for what to test and how long
  • Assignment: Build an Email Send A/B test and get expert feedback on your work
Module 3

Master campaign personalisation

There’s no debate: the more personalised your campaigns, the better your results.

But personalising your campaigns beyond “Hi {{firstname}}” is daunting if you don’t understand how Dynamic Segmentation and Content actually work.

In this module:

  • Step-by-step guide to create dynamic segments and apply dynamic content
  • How to quickly personalise assets by company, demographic or behavior
  • Assignment: Create a dynamic segment and get expert feedback on your work
Module 4

Finally understand how the lead database actually works

It’s okay — this is a safe place to admit you don’t fully understand how the Marketo lead database actually works. Most marketers don’t.

That’s why this module demystifies the lead database. Now you can quickly target the exact right audience for each campaign.

In this module:

  • How to save yourself hours by building pre-configured audiences
  • How to use exclusion lists to ensure you never send campaigns to the wrong contacts
  • How to clean the data that’s throwing off your team’s analytics
Module 5

Save yourself hours of work each month

Do you ever feel like you’re doing a lot of manual work for a tool that’s supposed to be automated?

It’s time to learn how to get Marketo to do your work for you.

In this module:

  • How to build an exclusion list that saves you hours each month
  • Get more sophisticated with categories, filters and constraints
  • How to ensure your campaigns don’t go to the wrong audience
Module 6

Make updates on the fly

Need to force that one contact through so they receive your campaign?

Or pull one contact out so they don’t?

See how you can quickly update lead details to ensure your campaigns go to everyone they’re supposed to. And no one they aren’t.

In this module:

  • How to view and change all the information about each lead in your database
  • The 25 actions you can take at the lead level
  • How to troubleshoot when leads are or aren’t receiving campaigns
Module 7

Cut hours of manual work from your week

The Marketo pro never rebuilds assets from scratch.

Instead, the pro uses Marketo’s advanced functions to build assets once and reuse them over and over. This is another reason the Marketo pro never needs to stay at work late.

If you want to build more personalised campaigns in less time, this module is for you.

In this module:

  • How to save yourself hours of work each month with Global Assets
  • How to use snippets to improve your segmentation and personalisation
  • When to use snippets to save yourself time
Module 8

Convert more leads by building better forms

Forms might be the most important asset you ever build in Marketo. Because forms are where your leads actually convert.

One of Marketo’s most popular advanced features, Progressive Profiling, helps you convert more leads by capturing lead data over the course of the customer journey.

In this module:

  • How to make forms look and behave the way you need them to
  • How to build user-friendly forms that capture data in the right format
  • How to build logic into your forms to give each lead the right experience
Module 9

Run more sophisticated campaigns. Get more impressive results.

This is where the Marketo pro truly outshines their colleagues.

When you get more sophisticated with Smart Campaigns, you can deliver more leads and revenue — without adding a minute to your workday.

In this module:

  • How to build and automate trigger campaigns to best practice standards (<– This might be the most important thing you’ll learn in this course)
  • How to quickly standardise your data for accurate reports
  • Assignment: Build a trigger-based sales alert email and get expert feedback on your work
Module 10

Finally understand how Marketo and Salesforce work together

You know Marketo and Salesforce work together. But like most marketers at this stage you’re not exactly sure how.

What syncs? When? In both directions? Or just one way?

In this module:

  • How CRM syncing works
  • The key differences between campaigns in Marketo and Salesforce
  • Assignment: Build a scalable sales alert for an event and get expert feedback on your work
Module 11

Find the right report for the story you want to tell

Contributing more leads and revenue feels great. But no one will ever know how much value you’re adding if you can’t prove it.

Luckily, it’s easy to tell the story you need to tell when you use the right report.

In this module:

  • The 6 most useful reports and how to use them
  • How to build meaningful reports that tell a story
  • How to use period costs to see ROI
Module 12

Get a clear view of your organization’s campaigns

In marketing, coordination is key.

Who’s sending what, when?

How do you ensure your campaign doesn’t conflict with someone else’s?

Marketo’s Marketing Calendar has all the answers.

In this module:

  • How the Marketo Marketing Calendar works
  • The 4 types of entries you can use
  • How to make quick changes with drag and drop
Module 13

Become an expert-approved Marketo pro

Build a campaign to drive attendance for a virtual event. And put your new skills to the test. From A/B testing to performance reports.

Now you can see how far you’ve come in such a short time.

  • Prove that you’re now a Marketo pro
  • See where you have opportunities to improve your skills
  • Get feedback and guidance from experts
Marketo Certified Professional

Put your skills to the test

If you’re familiar with using Marketo Engage’s core functions, have a few months’ hands-on experience, and want to underline your knowledge, this mock exam the perfect opportunity to practice before you take the real Certified Business Professional exam.

The topics it covers are:

  • Marketing Automation Fundamentals
  • Audience Targeting and Data Management
  • Email Marketing Fundamentals
  • Landing Pages
  • Form Basics
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Events and Webinars
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Your work will be more rewarding when you're a Marketo pro

When you’re a Marketo pro, you will…

  • Run campaigns that bring in more leads and revenue
  • Spend less time building things from scratch
  • Quickly target the ideal audience for each campaign
  • Understand how the technology actually works instead of just going through the motions
  • Run more sophisticated, optimised campaigns that produce outsized results
  • Get 1 step closer to passing your Marketo Certification
  • Build reports that tell the right stories with data
  • Develop in-demand skills that marketing teams are desperate for
  • Deliver results that prove to your boss that you’re indispensable

Why there’s no better team to help you become a Marketo pro

We do one thing:

Help marketers get more value out of Marketo.

As consultants for companies like Allianz, Capita, McGraw Hill, we’ve seen it all. We’ve navigated every Marketo challenge you can imagine (and then some).

And we’ve helped our clients grow their ROI by millions of dollars.

Now we’re bringing you the same skills and techniques we use every day. So you don’t have to learn our hard-won lessons the long way.

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Frequently asked questions

YouTube videos aren’t efficient or effective for long-term skill development:

  • You won’t know if you’re learning best practices or clunky workarounds
  • You won’t have the thorough understanding you need to feel confident running advanced campaigns
  • You won’t get feedback from experts, leaving you to guess as to whether or not you’re doing things properly

Good thinking. To help get your employer on board, you can download this course syllabus to show them the skills you’ll develop.

Here’s what you get when you buy the Intermediate course:

  • 13 modules to build up your basic Marketo knowledge to the next level
  • 10 demos where experts show you how to use the features you’re studying
  • 18 step-by-step tutorials that break best practice processes down into steps
  • 6 quizzes to ensure you understand the material before you move on
  • 4 expert-reviewed skill checks that put your new knowledge to the test
  • 1 mock exam based on the Marketo Certified Professional exam for business practitioners

No, the two certifications demonstrate different levels of expertise. Being a Marketo Certified Professional means that you’re comfortable using Marketo’s everyday features and understand its uses in automating your marketing. The MCP exam is aimed at marketing professionals with 2-3 months’ experience of Marketo Engage.

The Marketo Certified Expert exam covers a much deeper understanding and more practical experience of Marketo, averaging about 1-2 years of hands-on use. It will test you on more complex campaign management tools, analytics, and operational features.

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Adam Kemlo

Adam’s clients call him “Mr Nice Guy” because he does whatever it takes to make sure their needs are met.

Adam’s background in marketing and his deep CRM expertise allows him to help clients with a broad range of challenges – even beyond Marketo.

Marketo Consultant JTF Marketing Adobe Marketo Engage
Alba Clarigues Abel

Alba hails from sunny Spain, leading training and service delivery for our Spanish-speaking clients.

Having started off in marketing, she brings that knowledge and experience to her current work as a consultant. Alba loves working with Marketo Engage nearly as much as she loves her dog!

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