Marketo email templates: the ultimate timesaver

Adam Kemlo
Marketing Automation Consultant


Want to save time in Marketo Engage? Our tip – use Marketo email templates.

Emailing your content from Marketo is a must in terms of reaching your target audience – and for many the main reason for investing in the platform. But Marketo’s email building isn’t always the easiest thing in the world – especially if you’re creating your emails from scratch each time or hacking away the code and layout of past emails.

But email marketing in Marketo Engage doesn’t have to be hard.

Well-designed Marketo email templates will mean that you not only keep to your content schedule but you send out emails that attract the right type of attention from your audience. After all, consistency is key when it comes to emails – both in terms of frequency and branding.  

By using templates you significantly reduce the build time – you will be sending out branded, professional-looking emails each time, simply updating the content blocks as you go – a nice quick and straightforward process. 

But there’s just one problem… 90% of Marketo templates we review are flawed. If it’s not a mistake with code or bad ‘temporary fixes’, it’s lost leads through bad formatting. 

If you’re not sure how your email template is performing, why not get a free audit on your email template

And then – if you do need a hand, our experts can build you fully-tested, easy-to-use templates that are custom to your brand and goals.

15 minutes. That’s all you will need to build an email from here on out.