Marketo email and landing page templates

Get Modular Marketo email marketing templates for a range of budgets and send business mails without a hassle.

Creating effective and user-friendly emails and landing pages can be done only if they are effective and user-friendly enough for your team to build.

JTF Marketing offers you Marketo email templates that are easy to use, don’t take forever to make simple edits and won’t break in different browsers.

Here is what our modular Marketo email templates allow you to do:

  • Send similar-looking emails for different brand or products
  • Work with different branding guidelines
  • Create transactional and automated emails more easily
  • Save time on building your campaigns with less hacking!

Technical specifications of our Marketo email templates

  • Developed in HTML5 with bootstrap CSS
  • Responsive design and development as standard
  • Litmus™ tested for email client compatibility
  • Free bug fixes for life*

*Subject to terms and conditions

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Additional services for Marketo email marketing templates

  • Migration of live campaigns to new templates – migrating your live campaigns takes time and rebranding, especially if your emails are non-modular and your campaigns are “always on.”
  • Deliverability testing and optimisation – we’ll check that your emails aren’t getting stuck in spam and help you monitor, optimise, and improve your email marketing campaigns.
  • Managed service for Marketo campaign build – our certified experts will help you get campaigns out the door and build best practice campaigns with a quicker turnaround.
  • Marketing to the smart inbox – we’ll help you “train” the managed inboxes of your leads by designing emails that will land in your recipients’ primary inbox

Marketo Landing Page Templates

There are two kinds of landing page templates within Marketo:

  • Freeform where you can drag and drop different page elements all over the page, these typically require expert coding knowledge.
  • Guided that are built by utilising modules which can be toggled on and off, giving marketers the opportunity to build a custom landing page with ease.

We recommend that you use the second type –  the guided Marketo landing page templates as they are handy for keeping consistency in your online presence and ensure the best practice for SEO-ready pages.

Marketo landing page or CMS pages?

If the content is valuable, we suggest you embed it into your CMS using a powerful Marketo form and set it up with best-practice lead attribution. It’s easier to optimise and also sits under your top-level domain (TLD) rather than your subdomain (i.e. This way, landing pages can be indexed in Google if you update the meta keywords and descriptions to ensure search engine robots can read the content.

Top 5 Marketo landing page templates

Whether you like to keep it simple or you want a full integration to the entire Martech stack, the Marketo landing page templates will meet your requirements.

There are 5 different types of Marketo landing page templates specially designed for achieving optimal results:

  • Downloads – focused on capturing a lead in exchange for some valuable content
  • Events – driving registrations for your next physical event or webinar
  • Announcements – for PR tracking, or general company updates
  • Advertising landing pages – to help optimise spend using Marketo’s A/B testing capabilities
  • Surveys – like tracking Net Promoter Score (NPS) or event feedback
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Marketo Templates Pricing and Time

The pricing of templates for Marketo emails and landing pages depend on your requirements and the design you have chosen.

That being said, the templates don’t have a fixed price. If you have already worked out a budget, let us know and you will receive our honest opinion on what can be done to keep within it!

Normally, we create the Marketo templates in 2-3 weeks time, but we also have an express service of 1 week if you are in need of a faster turnaround.

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Benefits from getting JTF Marketing team’s Marketo emails and landing templates

  • Your template is reviewed using our best practice knowledge of the system, and of course of email marketing
  • You get “master templates” which serve all purposes and are rich with features such as variables for different uses.
  • All checks are provided by our Marketo specialised team
  • You get a full Email-on-Acid test including dark mode compatibility
  • Bug fixes are covered, as long as the code matches our code base

Get your personalised Marketo Engage maturity audit

Go beyond the Marketo Maturity Curve © and get actionable insights to use all of Marketo Engage’s powerful capabilities. Get your audit to:

  • Discover how much of your platform you are using
  • Identify areas of your instance to optimise and improve
  • Get an overview of your marketing effectiveness
  • Receive actionable insights to improve your marketing ROI

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