Simplify email and landing page creation

Stop wasting hours creating and formatting emails and landing pages. Get reliable and flexible email and landing page templates from JTF Marketing that are:

  • Easy to format with drag and drop functionality
  • Custom to your brand, use cases and goals
  • Responsive across devices
  • Tested across browsers and email clients
  • Code free!
  • Built by certified experts

Save hours building Marketo email and landing pages

With modular email and landing page templates from JTF Marketing, you can:

  • Reduce the time taken to create emails and landing pages – improving efficiency
  • Stop hacking at code – create assets by simply dragging and dropping modules
  • Eliminate bottlenecks – without the need to rely on developers
  • Ensure brand consistency – with correctly formatted emails and landing pages

Speak to our team today about how we can improve your Marketo emails and landing pages.

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Let’s talk templates

Find out if our templates are right for you and your needs

What are broken Marketo templates costing you?

Hours wasted

You spend hours formatting templates and they still never look right.

Endless hacking

Your email looks good on desktop, but it’s a mess on mobile. So you hack at code until it works on mobile. Now it breaks on desktop.

Useless “workarounds”

You Google endlessly for temporary fixes and workarounds that rarely work.


You rely on developers or code-savvy colleagues to come fix your template, yet again.

Lost conversions

From emails and landing page templates that break on your leads’ browsers.


Get great-looking templates that actually work

We’ll build you easy-to-use templates that are completely custom to your brand, use cases and goals. We can develop your existing design, or design new templates for you.

And we’ll do it fast. Our turnaround times are 2-3 weeks, even if you’re a new customer.

If it’s urgent, we can get your template completed in 1 week or less.

Build every email
from one flexible template

Modular email templates allow you to build quickly. Campaign after campaign. No more bad formatting or delays.

Simply drag-and-drop with our modular templates — no coding required!


Create landing pages that don’t break

Build landing pages in minutes, whether that’s:

  • Lead magnets – Capture lead data
  • Advertising landing pages – Optimise spend and allow A/B testing
  • Surveys – Collect customer feedback
  • Events – Drive registrations
Get easy-to-use templates

Adam Kemlo

Marketing Automation Consultant

Marketo Certified Expert

Responsive templates from a responsive team

For every project you’ll have an experienced project lead that responds to you within 1 business day. And we’re committed to getting you the results you want. 

We can also support you with:

  • Migration of live campaigns to new templates – Migrating your live campaigns takes time. Let us do it for you.
  • Deliverability testing and optimisation – We’ll check that your emails aren’t getting stuck in spam and help you monitor and optimise your campaigns.
  • Managed services for Marketo campaign build – Our certified experts will help you get best-practise campaigns out the door faster
  • Making sure your emails hit your leads’ managed inboxes by designing emails that fit primary inbox criteria