4 key aspects of lead management in Marketo

Marketo Management
Adam Kemlo
Lead Consultant - EMEA & APAC


Are your lead conversion rates in free fall?
Not sure why you’re losing leads at different stages of their journey?
The answer likely lies in your lead management process.

There are two key lead management issues that we often see sales & marketing teams challenged with:

  • Volume versus quality of leads e.g the sales team is either unable to keep up with the high volume of leads and identify those worth following up. Or lead quality criteria is too precise, so they receive very few ‘qualified’ enquiries.
  • Lead measurement e.g the Marketing team is unable to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, so it is unsure where and how to optimise them.

We can solve problems such as these with effective lead management.

Lead management is the process of controlling a prospect’s journey from new enquiry through to sale or even after-sale.

The lead management process will differ from business to business, however, it’s critical that at every stage, sales and marketing activity is aligned for optimum effectiveness.

Marketo lead management process

When utilising Marketo, you can break the lead management process into four distinct areas:

1. Lead generation and nurturing

Capturing and encouraging prospects through the funnel with relevant content and communications onto the next step of their journey.

2. Lead scoring and quality

Using lead scoring and other quality-boosting tactics to identify the desired quality of lead, and in turn, increase conversions and revenue.

3. Lead routing & assignment

Using the right tools and strategies to respond to different leads in different ways, with different messages – as fast as possible.

4. Reporting and process optimisation

Identifying and replicating what works. An aligned marketing and sales team will use specific tools and metrics to create as full a picture as possible of the lead management process.

Download our Marketo Lead Management Handbook for more free advice on managing your lead process, including best practice tips and tricks to get more out of the capabilities of Marketo Engage.

We live and breathe marketing automation, dealing with our clients’ lead processes day in, and day out. Whether it’s supported with engagement campaigns, lead scoring models, data management sales and marketing alignment or process optimisation.

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