Building and Maintaining Effective Engagement Programs in Marketo Engage

Alba Clerigues
Marketing Automation Consultant


Building engagement programs in Marketo Engage is challenging, but maintaining them is equally demanding. Keeping your programs simple and focused is key to success from the outset. In this guide, we’ll walk you through essential metrics, smart campaigns, and strategies for continuous evolution to nurture more leads down the sales funnel effectively.

Putting a Plan in Place for Program Optimization

It’s crucial to set up a process for optimizing your engagement programs. Determine the frequency of optimization tasks—whether monthly, quarterly, or annually. Set up recurring tasks, calendar reminders, or other reminders to integrate program optimization seamlessly into your Marketo workflow.

Time to Optimize Your Engagement Program

Here’s a breakdown of what to focus on during optimization:


  • Assess Membership
    • Check for members in each stream by navigating to your engagement program and selecting “Summary” from the view selector.
    • Verify if the volumes align with your revenue model.
  • Track Person Records
    • Create a Smart List with the filter “Was added to Engagement Program” to monitor the addition of person records.
    • Use a Smart List with the filter “Program Status was Changed” to identify removed person records.
  • Review Transition Rules
    • Check the effectiveness of transition rules using “Engagement Program Stream Changed” on your Smart List filter.


  • Analyze Stream Metrics
    • Review engagement score and unsubscribe rate from the Engagement Program Dashboard.
    • Utilize the Stream filter to assess specific metrics for each stream.
  • Evaluate Stream Performance
    • Examine engagement score, unsubscribe rate, stream size, exhausted person records, top 3 highest engagement, lowest engagement, newest content, and oldest content for each stream.

Content Optimization Strategies:

For each stream:

  • Deactivate Underperforming Content
    • Deactivate old or underperforming content to optimize engagement.
    • Archive content that is no longer in use.
  • Reorder Based on Performance
    • Move top-performing content to the top of the stream to align with stream objectives.
  • Optimize Underperforming Content
    • Check email performance metrics and nested program setup for optimization opportunities.

What’s Next?

We hope this checklist will empower you to leverage Engagement Programs to their fullest potential. We even have a physical copy of the checklist you can download and fill out whenever it’s time to optimize.

If you require further support with your lead nurturing efforts, reach out to our Marketo experts.

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