Introducing Marketo’s New Feature: Engagement Map

Marketo Engagement Map
James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


As part of Adobe Marketo Engage’s latest round of updates, we’re about to gain access to one of their most exciting advancements yet for overall campaign user experience: Engagement Map.

Engagement Map (formerly Engagement Canvas or Journeys) is a brand new way to build and visualise your smart campaigns. But what exactly is it, and when will Marketo users get access to this new feature?

What do we know about Engagement Map?

  • We’re expecting it to be available to all users with access to smart campaigns in their current Marketo Engage instances starting on August 3rd 2023.
  • It will be accessible via the overview page for a smart campaign.
  • Full backward compatibility – all existing campaigns will now include the “Engagement Map” button.
  • Existing smart campaign features will remain unaffected, providing a seamless transition for advanced Marketo users.
A screenshot of Marketo Engage, showing an open Smart Campaign. In the top navigation bar of the Smart Campaign, there is a blue button containing the text 'Engagement Map. Clicking on this button will take you to Marketo's new Engagement Map view for a given Smart Campaign.
Access Engagement Map by clicking on the blue ‘Engagement Map’ button in the top bar of a Smart Campaign.

Who’s likely to see the biggest impact from Engagement Map?

  • Anyone that’s a new Marketo user, or involved in training new Marketo users. No more explaining advanced logic to people that don’t have experience with smart campaigns – now you can show them!
  • Anyone working with an inherited a Marketo instance. Engagement Map allows you to visualise interconnected campaigns which is great news when troubleshooting – no more picking apart someone else’s smart campaign history!
  • Anyone that needs to present Marketo flows to non-Marketo stakeholders: Engagement Map and its export capability will empower users to design and present lead flows, create comprehensive nurture journey flows, and correlate marketing goals to campaigns.

What are the top use cases?

Adobe’s top three use cases mentioned for Engagement Map are:

  1. Train new users with more ease and speed
  2. Quickly spot and correct any errors in campaigns
  3. Export Engagement Map to ensure stakeholder alignment

What’s next?

We can’t wait to explore this new feature, as it represents a significant leap forward in Marketo’s overall user experience.

For more information about Engagement Map, head to Adobe’s article on Marketo Nation. If you would like to talk to one of our expert Marketo consultants about how to make the most of Engagement Map in your own instance, send us a message!