Why you shouldn’t DIY your Marketo migration

James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


Unless you’re starting again, you shouldn’t try to DIY your Marketo to Marketo migration. Having led multiple migrations I can promise you there is ALWAYS a surprise. From the forgotten integration, to the campaign that just takes a lifetime to migrate, or the unexplainable error messages in Marketo Engage.

Here are 4 things to look out for:

  • Adobe Marketo Engage have limited options to ‘automate’ the migration, there are no “just spin up a new instance” like many CRM platforms. You can download our guide to the Marketo Migration options here for more on that!
  • Unless you’re an Marketo API mastermind your project will be never ending, resulting in you needing to run in parallel two Marketo instances until you’ve finished.
  • The planning is critical, without a really clearly defined and coordinated plan the downtime is extremely painful, and will impact business operations. Migration projects have many inter-dependancies with other projects such as a new CRM rollout, so timing is everything.
  • The Unknown Gotchas, even we have been surprised by some of Marketo’s random behaviours when migrating assets, so much so we’ve got proven migration processes that handle 99% of them!

📖 Download our Marketo Engage migration checklist

Understand the step by step process of migrating your Marketo Engage instance with our handy checklist.

Marketo Migration Checklist

Avoid the headaches

I may be biased when it comes to migrations, but without the right experience I just wouldn’t go it alone. Work with a partner or consultant with experience of migration projects and who can demonstrate a clear migration plan.

It goes without saying, do also make sure whatever you decide to do, that you document every step of the journey, why did you make a decision to include or exclude. It’ll avoid any bites on the proverbial.

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