Migrate your Marketo without the headache

Take a breath –
we’ve got your back!

Why choose JTF Marketing
for your migration

We’ll understand the size of your migration within 48 hours

Limited to no downtime

Our experts will help you control the cost of your migration project

We can migrate activity history, keeping you compliant!

We’ll automate 90% of the migration using the Marketo API

And because we love a challenge, we can have the project complete in less than 90 days!

Our team will manually check and approve every
critical program

What is the timeframe?

Our 90-day migration model includes a thorough assessment of your migration needs within 48 hours, cost control assistance, and the use of automation to handle most of the migration tasks. Additionally, JTF Marketing’s experts will manually verify critical programs, ensure compliance by migrating activity history, and provide a limited to no downtime experience. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and swift migration process.

What does it cost?

The cost of a migration to Marketo will depend on your current system, its size and complexity. By booking a call with our team you can quickly get an understanding of timescales for your individual project.

How does JTF Marketing ensure minimal downtime during the migration?

We ensure minimal downtime by automating 90% of the migration process using the Marketo API, which speeds up the process and reduces errors. Our team of experts also manually checks and approves every critical program to ensure everything runs smoothly. This careful and efficient approach minimizes disruptions to your operations.