Eight ways to be smarter with Marketo Engage in 2023

Ways to improve Marketo in 2023
James T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


Here’s eight ways you can be more efficient with how you use Marketo in 2023. 

1. New year. And a fresh start with your data

First things first, a clean up is in order. Start the year how you mean to go on… with a clean and fully functioning database.

By reducing your non-marketable database e.g dirty data, invalid emails, unsubscribes etc, your campaigns will be more effective and productivity levels boosted. In addition, you won’t be paying for data that you can’t use and you’ll be on top of Marketo license fees.

Here’s our Data Management Handbook which will tell you everything you need to know and how to keep up with your database from here on out. 

2. Archive old Marketo programs

Archive inactive programs from previous years. To keep your structures tidy and make archived programs easy to find, we recommend a naming structure similar to this:

3. A look back on the year 

Review your performance reporting for 2022 – does it provide a full picture around marketing activities and ROI for the year? If not, review your metrics and optimise so you’re recording the correct data for 2023.  Our reporting success handbook can help you with this. 

4. Get the ideas flowing 

Why not kick start some fresh thinking for your 2023 marketing activities? If you’re unsure how you can utilise Marketo to deliver greater value, contact us for a free Marketo audit . This can be just the thing to highlight areas for improvement or fuel new ideas.

An audit of your current situation can then be used to develop a Marketo roadmap which explores priorities, effort and resources required to set you up for a successful year. With a clear path, you’ll be set to grow your ROI from Marketo in the coming year. 

5. Get Marketo skills up to speed for the year ahead

Review the current Marketo capabilities and skills within your team, versus the desired levels you need to carry out the year’s activities. If gaps are identified, consider individual training to improve the proficiency of team members, or bring an entire team up to speed with bespoke team training sessions. JTF has a range of Marketo training courses and delivery methods now available to suit every need and budget.

6. Implement testing and quality control processes 

When it comes to Marketo, tried and tested, best practice processes work best. 

Check out our downloads for pre-flight checklists for email sends and webinars.

7. Automate more of your Marketo campaigns 

Consider integrating additional data sources to facilitate customisation of your marketing campaigns – minimise human input and increase content success. Sit back, leave campaign execution to Marketo, and watch your business grow… ahhh the joys of marketing automation! Need help with the development of a bespoke campaign strategy? We’ve got you covered.  

8. Communicate your wins

Celebrating the success you achieve will not only be a big motivation for your marketing team but a bonus for sales teams and a massive win with management and most importantly your customers. No sidelining – shout out about pure facts and success!  Watch our on demand webinar on how to report on ROI.


Before you go, don’t miss these 5 tips and tricks from our experts to help you get the most out of your Marketo platform this year. 

If you need a hand with the execution of any of these elements or have further questions – get in touch, our experts are here to help.