Email and landing page templates in Marketo: your questions answered

Adam Kemlo
Lead Consultant - EMEA & APAC


This blog summarises the Q&A section of our webinar on Marketo Engage email and landing page templates on July 22nd 2021. You can also read key points of the webinar in our blog summary and watch the full webinar on-demand.

Question: Can you add a video into an email or landing page template?

This is a common request from our customers. Yes, we can create a section in an email template that allows you to insert an embed code from the platform you’re using to watch the video within the email. 

For a landing page, you can insert the share code to start to autoplay when your landing page loads.

Question: Can we style the forms in Marketo landing pages?

Yes – a common approach for us is to build styling into the templates so you don’t have to mess around with CSS for each individual form. As you can imagine, that can get messy and is difficult to develop a consistent approach every time. By standardising this within the template, you can bypass these issues every time you insert a form into a landing page.

Question: Can you make templates that adapt to Dark Mode?

Dark mode adaptability is a feature that can be difficult to implement in-house. This is because it requires a lot of testing across different email clients. No one wants to craft an amazing tagline in an email that dark mode users can’t see at all!

As dark mode grows more popular, we’ve been building more and more templates that adapt to dark mode displays. Learn more about how it works in our blog post on the topic.

Question: Can you style sliders on Marketo landing page templates? We want our forms to be easier and clearer to use.

Yes, we can build in CSS in the template that displays that type of feature as a slider every time you add that feature in the form.

Question: Can you create a module that lets me use a different hero image from email in mobile view?

Yes, and this is a common use case for us! We can build variable image sections that let you select your image for desktop and an alternative one for mobile view.

Question: I saw your webinar registration page and your form had a single-button, personalised registration. Is that a Marketo function?

Yes, this is a function built into our Marketo Engage form template. We don’t want people who have already engaged with us to have to re-enter their information every time we release new events or resources. So, we personalise how forms appear for known visitors. 

There’s a trade-off for this in terms of data collection, of course! You can learn more about form-specific features like this in our webinar focused on Marketo forms.

Question: We’ve heard a lot about heat mapping. How would we use it to optimise?

Using heat mapping in both your batch and blast and always-on content has many benefits. You can keep on top of where people are engaging the most and where people are dropping off their interaction with your email. 

Heat mapping lets you get really granular with what parts of your emails are performing best. For example, you can see the percentage of people who are reading and skimming your content vs. hot spots for clicks. This can be useful for a number of things, such as A/B testing different CTAs within your email, trying to work out if your content is too long, or looking to understand a breakdown of different clients or devices. 

Question: Do you do design and development of Marketo email and landing page templates?

Yes – we have an in-house designer who can create a template from your brief (and branding) to pull together a design. Our developer can then translate this into an HTML template.

Question: Do you have off-the-shelf templates available?

We provide various baseline templates. Let’s have a call to understand your requirements and priorities. A high-quality template should align with its intended purpose, so discussing your needs is crucial.

We’re flexible to your budget and can prioritize the most essential features for your template.

Would you like to see a demo of sought-after email and landing page features? Or learn about implementing heat mapping and in-depth analytics? Watch the full webinar on demand!

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