Building better assets with Marketo Engage email and landing page templates

Whether it's constant building from scratch, puzzling over errors, or hacking at code, bad templates take a toll on time and money. We'll show you what proper Marketo Engage templates should look like.

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Find out why effective Marketo Engage templates will change the way you work for the better

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Ideal email and landing page template features for building assets easily and quickly
  • What problems bad templates will be causing for your team
  • What different template modules and variables can do
  • How best to use tokenisation for faster, more accurate builds
  • Tips on responsivity across different email services & devices
  • Ways to integrate in-depth reporting and heat mapping

Got a perfect template in mind and want to get it in action ASAP? We can help you with that.

Adam Kemlo

Senior Marketing Automation Consultant & Marketo Certified Solutions Architect