Identify your best prospects with a custom lead scoring model

Get a lead scoring model that helps you identify, prioritise and close your best leads. Built by certified Marketo experts.

Sometimes your top challenge isn’t getting leads. It’s prioritising them.

Most lead scoring models don’t work. They make bad leads look like good leads, and good leads look like bad ones.

The result? Untrustworthy data that you and your sales team ignore.

We’ll help you build a model that assigns your leads accurate, helpful scores by combining 4 types of scoring:

  • Firmographic scoring: Prioritise leads based on company size, vertical, revenue and other company data
  • Demographic scoring: Prioritise leads based on title, decision-making status and other individual attributes
  • Behavioral scoring: Gain insight into the type and amount of content each lead consumes
  • Proposition scoring: Identify specific pain points and ideal products for each lead to fuel sales with insights that help them close deals
Identify valuable leads with effective scoring

Understanding your business

What are you hoping to achieve? What does your data say about your best customers? These are some of the questions we’ll explore first.
scoring model Marketo

Designing your lead scoring framework

We’ll design and propose a scoring model that aligns marketing and sales objectives.
lead scoring framework in Marketo

Launching and testing

Now we’ll implement your scoring model to see how it works in the real world. We’ll help educate your sales team so they know how to make the most of their new insights.


With a close eye on your sales cycle, we’ll look for opportunities to improve your scoring model so it works exactly how you want it to.
Optimising Lead scoring models

Get dedicated support from a certified Marketo Engage expert

You’ll have a dedicated project lead who is a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect (MCSA) —  the highest Marketo Engage certification Adobe offers.

Plus, you’ll always know what’s done and what’s in progress with your client portal. That means you’ll never wonder where things stand, or need to chase us down for updates.

We’ll make it easy to create a lead scoring model that actually works

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