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Lead scoring in Marketo - Identifying what's hot and what's not

How effective is your lead scoring model? Are you focusing on the right scoring criteria? Do your sales team buy into the process? In our next webinar we're focusing on optimising Marketo to identify and act on the hottest leads as quickly as possible.

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Lead scoring is a great way to prioritise the hottest leads in your pipeline and pass them to sales for the best chance of conversion.

But to be effective, you need an in-depth understanding of what your ‘ideal prospect’ looks like, and have an effective scoring model that works for your business.

In our next webinar we’ll explore the elements needed to ensure your lead scoring is identifying leads that deliver the most valuable opportunities – so your sales team don’t miss them.

In 30 minutes, we will cover:

  • Success factors for effective lead scoring
  • Why many lead scoring models often fail
  • Custom models in Marketo
  • How to create a lead scoring model that works for your business

Build on your lead quality. Increase conversions. Boost revenue.


Marketo Expert

James T Fletcher

CEO & Marketo Certified Solutions Architect