How to get your Marketo relationship back on track

Ashley Omphroy
Marketing Automation Consultant


Are you feeling frustrated with Marketo and have a hunch that you’re not using your system to its full potential? 

We often speak to marketers who have fallen out of love with Marketo… and we hate to break it to you, but it’s not Marketo, it’s you. Your frustration is most likely down to how you’re only using a fraction of the tools Marketo offers, and not integrating these tools in a streamlined and scalable way. 

All relationships that are worth having take work, and a relationship with Marketo is certainly worth having to maximise your marketing impact, save valuable time and ultimately, improve your return on investment. If you want to do all these things, you need to fully leverage your Marketo relationship – keep reading to find out how. 

Maximise on Marketo with an audit

An optimised relationship with Marketo is a commitment. It takes time and dedication to learn how to effectively use all the tools Marketo offers, and feel totally confident in doing so. 

You may be surprised to know that it takes the average business six to twelve months for their whole marketing team to become comfortable with email marketing and landing pages, and one to two years to start incorporating data into their Marketo usage with intelligent features such as Social + Marketo and Ad bridge. 

We appreciate that these timeframes can be daunting, and that you may be unsure of how to get back on the right track. The first step in improving your relationship with Marketo is to get an audit on your Marketo journey and usage.

Identify your place on the Maturity Curve, and how to progress

The Marketing Maturity Curve identifies how integrated and sophisticated your marketing approach is currently, and the full potential that is available with the platform.

You’re most likely at Level 1 if you’ve fallen out of love with Marketo, that is you are likely to be focusing on a single point in time and running single channel campaigns. You’re not looking at long term goals, you haven’t streamlined your marketing automation processes, and you are yet to fully integrate Marketo tools across each stage of the funnel… Sound like you? 

A comprehensive Marketo audit will identify where you are on the Maturity Curve, but knowing what stage you’re at is only one aspect of an audit.

What makes a good Marketo audit? 

In our opinion, a good audit is one that gives unbiased, practical guidance on how to improve your Marketo management across every level of the funnel. Advice is useless if it’s not actionable. You need to be informed of the clear steps to take if you want to fall back in love with Marketo, streamline your marketing automation strategy, and improve ROI.

We like to think of our own Marketo audit as a more personal version of the Marketo Maturity Curve, one that’s tailored to your business and contains actionable recommendations.  

Our experts will analyse where you are on the Maturity Curve and why your relationship with Marketo is stuck in that awkward talking stage (you know the one!). They’ll then provide detailed and unbiased advice on what you can get back on track to reach full Marketo maturity, and live happily ever after. 

With the right knowledge and dedication, Marketo can totally transform your marketing workflow forever. Efficient automated marketing is not a casual fling, it’s a commitment, but we promise it’ll be 100% worth it. 

We offer a free Marketo Audit to provide useful top level insight, but we also offer more detailed, comprehensive audits, depending on what you need.