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The easy way to merge duplicate contacts in Marketo Engage

Duplicate contacts bloat your license fee and throw off your reporting.

Now you can automatically remove them with always-on deduplication.

How much are duplicate contacts costing you?

If you’re like most Marketo users, duplicate contacts are a constant source of frustration as they:

  • Bloat your license fee without adding value
  • Throw off your reporting, just like any bad data
  • Hurt your customer experience by preventing you from honouring communication and privacy preferences

Unfortunately, Marketo Engage has no easy way to remove duplicate records. You have to do it all manually, contact by contact, week after week.

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Now you can automatically merge duplicate contacts

No more manually deduplicating records! Aromerge Dedupe™ makes it easy to remove duplicate contacts from your Marketo Engage database:

  • Automate deduplication on a recurring schedule
  • Find duplicates by email address or other fields
  • Set it up in minutes
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Merge duplicate contacts in 3 easy steps

Connect your Marketo Engage instance

Choose your deduplication criteria

Run once or set to always-on deduplication

With Marketo dedupe, you can also...

  • Set dedupe limits so you don’t go over your Marketo Engage API allowance
  • See duplicates before merging so you know exactly which records are impacted
  • Schedule one-time, hourly, weekly, monthly or custom deduplication
  • Get in-app instructions to guide you through the process (without the need for help from your IT team)
  • Target specific sets of duplicates using smart lists
  • See exactly what merged with an activity log (in case you need to undo anything)

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  • Bonus: Get a free data hygiene report to see the overall health of your data

Try it out

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aromerge™ automates some of the most tedious Marketo tasks.

When you get started, you’ll get access to all 3 of these Aromerge™ products:

  • Aromerge Dedupe™: Merge duplicate records automatically
  • Aromerge Data Loader™: Create a recurring data feed into Marketo Engage
  • Aromerge Data Extractor™: Create a recurring data feed out of Marketo Engage

Creating an account is free. To run Aromerge Dedupe™, you need a subscription. Pricing is based on the size of your Marketo Engage database, and starts at £299 / year. For more pricing details, get a demo.

Yes! Simply request a demo and we’ll gladly help you get started. We’re also available for ongoing support if you need it.

Aromerge Dedupe™ merges your leads and contacts while preserving activity history (including page visits, link clicks, email opens, form fills, etc.). Data changes due to the merge are also visible within the Marketo Engage Activity Log.

Marketo Engage?

Dedupe can merge duplicate contacts in Salesforce CRM using the Marketo REST API. If your Marketo integration is creating duplicate contacts in Salesforce, running Aromerge Dedupe™ may eliminate the need to deduplicate your Salesforce database.

We plan to add more CRMs in the future. To learn more about merging duplicates in your CRM, get a demo.

Aromerge™ needs an API user that can read, write, merge and update records. This access is what allows Dedupe to automate the tedious task of merging duplicate records.

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