Not all marketing automation platforms are created equal…

Which platform is best for my company?

Switching from an email service provider (ESP) to a marketing automation platform (MAP) is a big jump for even the most savvy marketer – without understanding why they should adopt a MAP, and without the right level of guidance your marketing automation implementation could be a disaster!

Most marketing automation training is an intensive one-size-fits-all brain dump, which isn’t tailored or focused on your business at all – i.e. you’re not doing anything that helps you execute your first campaign, rather just understand the tool. So unlock the power in the early days, and don’t get up sold generic consultancy or training from your software provider.

Things to consider:

  • Fully managed set-up and configuration – we’ve been responsible for a number of large and small marketing automation implementations – and guess what, we’re pretty good at them.
  • Live in less than 45 days – MAPs aren’t that complex to implement, if you know how, we’ll get you up and running in less than 45 days making sure you’ve progress updates along the way.
  • Avoid all the pitfalls – having managed dozens of implementations (and rescued a few), we know where implementations go wrong, and we’ll make sure you don’t do them.
  • Personalised to your business – we’ll make sure you have everything in place to get you up and running, including best practice campaign example, role specific training and on-hand guidance.
  • More cost-effective – with our marketing automation implementations, your staff get more time with certified experts which allows you to ensure the best practice is implemented from day one!

Our project success stories

Our customers know that data doesn’t tell the whole story. We help our clients prove the impact of their marketing investments and the value of their marketing strategy with actionable insights that help them drive results across the entire business.