Lots of leads, and zero conversions?

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James T FletcherJames T Fletcher
CEO, Principal Consultant


What is your take on creating engagement that will lead to conversions on your site? Are you chasing leads with every tool at your disposal? And still, regardless of the number of leads you get, do these leads not convert? If this happens to you and can’t find a way out, don’t fret. First, it would be good to know that you are not alone in fighting the battle of lost leads. Second, there is still a lot you can do, but you might need to take a different approach. Educating yourself about how to achieve the MQL (marketing qualified leads) and consulting an agency whose expertise is the mission to bring you traffic that converts is a step in the right direction!

The priority for every marketing agency is to bring as many leads as possible for their clients. Agencies have worked out solutions and programs that improve and increase the lead generation, but somehow they always misaligned from what sales deem quality leads. Not anymore. The importance of converting leads has risen above the importance of getting volume of leads. We, as a marketing agency, are proud to say that we have a series of methodologies and tools that follows up the leads in their pipeline and actually convert them into qualified sales appointments.

What kind of engagement are you trying to achieve?

How are you engaging your potential customers? Where are you looking for leads? There are different ways of engaging your ideal clientele, and you can’t use the same technique for each of them.

Landing page

If your focus is a landing page, then what you are looking for is a conversion on a sign-up form, purchase, download or the specific goal the landing page is about. The measurement of the results will be the time the user spent on it or how many clicks your enquiry form got.


The most wanted type of engagement on a website is to keep the visitor as long as possible browsing on the site, thus decreasing its bounce rate. To achieve that goal, you must build a superior user experience and have a fully functional, fast page-loading site.

Social Media

The engagement on social media is the most easily measured one as the number of likes, shares, comments, and mentions show how people are accepting and liking your content. Plus, social media engagement is an accurate indicator of the relationship between your brand and your followers.


When it comes to brand engagement, it is all about how encouraged the consumers are to become loyal to your brand. Hence, customer loyalty programmes are the metric used to measure the customer’s engagement and the popularity of the brand.

Problems for non conversion

Is it too much?

You are trying to engage your potential customer by doing all of the listed activities above, but you can’t notice any progress in getting conversions. So, how can all of this backfire, when you are spending lots of time, money and energy in all of the marketing channels? The answer is the lack of focus. If you are getting too many leads with no success of conversions, it means you are not getting to the right audience. Moreover, all of these leads can’t remember all the options you are offering, and your brand message across all platforms isn’t conveying your sole focus, which is why you are losing the leads.

In fact, if you are offering too much, you are overcrowding the customers with too much information that overwhelms them and makes them leave to find a more straightforward and more-to-the-point solution.

Is it too interactive?

Don’t get me wrong. Interactivity is a very significant aspect of any website. It makes the consumer feel like it is a part of the conversion process from start to finish. But if it is too much, if it keeps them focused on the interactive sections and modern designs on the website without paying attention to the message of the brand, then it loses its purpose. This means that they can be absolutely fascinated by the website’s interface, but they won’t be able to understand what you do.

Is it too impersonal?

Your brand has a face. You need to show it. Building personal relationships with your customers is what makes them believe in your brand. They need to know that they are connecting to people that stand behind the brand and that their requests will be received and answered with a humane touch.

So, how to achieve this engagement and still save on time, resources and labour?

Now, we come to realise that choosing the right way to engage customers is the first step in converting them into buyers. This means that the step we make at the beginning will affect the whole process afterwards. For that purpose, we use Exceed.ai as a tool to hit your qualified marketing lead (MQL) target. With this tool not only will the marketing department pass more qualified leads to sales but also it will keep the SDRs focused on phone calls.Request a demo

The benefits are enormous. Behind the AI features of using such a tool stand an automated process that keeps on connecting with consumers. These include email assistant, website chabot, qualification, and meeting scheduler, all AI-powered to convey precisely the message of your brand and inform the consumers about the value they get if they become your clients .

The Bottom Line

In a world where time is of the essence, for both sellers and buyers, automating the marketing process becomes a necessity. And while marketers are becoming aware of this more and more, the real contest is who will offer a solution that not only brings you leads but helps them convert.

JTF Marketing has the right expertise and the right tools to execute such a marketing strategy. It is now up to you whether you want it because we are sure that you need it.