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Are You Tracking Your Social Media Data?

More and more of us are incorporating social media into our marketing strategies and promoting our brands and our companies on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (among others) – find out how to get more from your social media strategy...

Target the Right Audience Using Digital Advertising with Marketo

Marketo’s powerful lead management technology can be utilised to dynamically serve audiences to your social advertising channels by utilising the Ad Bridge functionality. The capabilities include... [...]


Integrate and optimise social media with Marketo

Marketo is the Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) of choice for many experts, not only due to its extensive functionality, but it’s connect-ability to other applications. When it comes to Social Media (SoMe), connecting the dots...


Increasing Your Fans and Followers on Social

Before you go shouting: “I’m on social” think about why someone would follow you on social? What value will you give that person? Think about what you expect from following a brand or business page - it’s normally “is...

What’s Snapchat’s big redesign all about?

The biggest issue of user uptake for Snapchat is by far usability. Their new redesign is an attempt to make the app more of a profile, user centric hub that isn't just filled with forgotten 10 second moments.


Social Media Statistics: 2016

Social media continues to be one of the main reasons that people go online, with a growing number of users now socializing, getting news, or 'killing time' predominantly on their mobile devices.